Reaching a Major Weight Loss Goal, Just In Time

Lost the weight needed to fly internationally

Reaching a Major Weight Loss Goal, Just In Time

Lost the weight needed to fly internationally

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I saw 2-3 pounds a week just come off. I just don't know where they went, they just came off!
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MetPro gives me the ability to understand my own metabolism and how I metabolize food. It may have changed the way I eat, but it's not a diet.

I have a daughter who's in Africa, teaching in the Peace Corps. We decided to visit her and during that process, we thought we'd do some tourist things. One of the things happened to be flying to a private game preserve in South Africa on a small plane. In reading the instructions about going on the small plane, it said if you're over 220 pounds, then you are required to buy a second seat. I'm six foot five and at the time I was 240 pounds. I thought, well, I'm pretty sure it's for width, not for height. I didn't want to show up and have them put me on a scale and tell me I have to buy a second seat. I'm not going to be that guy. It made sense to me. I needed something to keep score. I needed some motivation and so that was it.

During this process, I skied 84 days. I'm a very active person. I ride my bike, I ride my Peloton, I do all these things. I also didn't really pay attention to what I ate. I very much just ate whatever I wanted, and when I wanted. MetPro helped me with that process of understanding what I should be eating and when I should be eating.

It was interesting because people would say, "Oh, you're on a diet." I said, "No, I'm not on a diet. I'm changing my diet. What I need is to understand how my body processes food." So to me, it was really starting out about that. I was really quite surprised because she had me eating five times a day, not three times a day. During that process, I was eating carbs and I was eating fat and all these things that you know you hear about on TV and you hear about from your friends. "Oh, I can't eat carbs. You kind of just you gotta eat this." And I'm like, "I'm eating all of it." But what I found was a balance. It was really just a balance.

So it's about understanding good carbs, bad carbs, how your body processes them, and things like that. And watching how my coach would work with me to change what I ate to accommodate those things. And how the impact would be a day or two days or three days later. And she could almost predict what was going to happen, which was amazing to me. She would say, "Okay, you're gonna go up a little bit and then you're gonna go down." Yeah, I saw two to three pounds a week just kind of come off. I just don't know where they went, they just came off.

You know, people always say, "Oh, you're on a diet again." I'm like, "No, I'm not on a diet because I'm actually not hungry. Like I said, I'm eating five times a day. I was snacking on chairlift rides, eating cheese and apples and beef jerky and all sorts of things." But it's funny because I quickly got to 220 and then I just said, "You know, I'm going to keep going. I'm going to keep going to an ideal weight. I've always felt my ideal weight's kind of 215 range. This is where I feel comfortable in my skin."

And so I kept going and I actually got down to 213, to 212. And then I was like, "Okay, that's enough. I'm good where I am. I'm good and now I want to maintain it." So, I hit that target probably a month before I actually got to Africa or went to Africa. And then went to Africa, I came back and hopped on a scale. I hadn't been on a scale a month and found out that I was up one pound from when I left. Just because I was able to understand meals, understand what I should eat, understand how much I should eat, really provided that balance in my nutrition.

I would say, try MetPro. And again, not a diet, it's just a lifestyle.