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Decades of Applied Research combined with Cutting-Edge Data Science


Your team of registered dietitians and fitness coaches work 1:1 with you to support you in your journey.  Whether you're cooking at home for a family, dining out, or a road warrior, MetPro adapts to your lifestyle.


Backed by metabolic science, you receive tailored meal plans and workouts that match YOUR goals and adapt to your progress. Result? You get ongoing and sustainable results.


You've got options that complement your strategic nutrition. From 20-min home workouts, to exercises without equipment, or exercises in the gym or studio.... choose from hundreds of pre-built workouts you can do from anywhere!


Feel 10 years younger! The MetPro approach of a whole-food diet and metabolic profiling will have you feeling more energetic. You'll have the vitality to make time for the things that matter in life.


MetPro's Metabolic Profiling merges data science and metabolic research to maximize your athletic performance and muscular strength. Unlock your potential with a personalized fitness strategy designed to fuel your training, enhance recovery, and transform your metabolic data into tangible athletic achievements.

Angie S. - Host of Marathon Training Academy

Lost 30 pounds and completed 50 marathons in 50 states. Read her full story...

Chris F. - Founder and CEO of and Entrepreneur

Dropped to 5% body fat and competed in men's physique competition. Read his full story...

MetPro Participants have 100% Weight Loss Maintenance after 6 Months

MetPro clients lose between 9.6% and 10% body weight within 6 months. They maintain that weight loss 6 months after completing the program. 

Revolutionizing Weight Loss with Science

MetPro's Metabolic Profiling combines cutting-edge data science and pioneering metabolic research to unlock your body's unique weight loss blueprint.

No More Frustration Around How You Look

1. Onboard with a Registered Dietitian

Begin on your journey to a healthier lifestyle with MetPro's personalized approach. The process begins with a comprehensive review of your current nutrition and any relevant health data.

This assessment is conducted by an experienced Registered Dietitian who understands the intricacies of human nutrition and metabolic profiling. This initial step ensures that the program is tailored to you, setting the stage for achieving your goals.

2. Connect with your Coach Online and Start your Meal and Fitness Plan

Once your metabolic profile has been established, you'll be matched with an experienced Nutrition and Fitness Coach who will guide you through your tailored meal plan.

Your individualized plan takes the guesswork out of eating, providing dynamic recipes and efficient logging to help you meet your goals. Your coach will work closely with you, updating your recommendations based on changes in your metabolic profile.

3. Reach Your Goals Using a Proven Strategy

You will be moving toward your goal using an individualized strategy, designed specifically for you. This is not a short-term fix or a one-size-fits-all approach. MetPro is a true lifestyle change, driven by science and data, and supported by a team committed to helping you succeed.

As you progress, your personal results will dictate each step the system directs you to take. With MetPro, you're not just losing weight or building muscle, you're transforming your body and your life.

Unlock Your Weight Loss Potential

At MetPro, we blend advanced data analytics and the latest metabolic studies to help you decode your body's secret language for optimal weight loss.