Transformation Stories

We're proud of our clients and wanted to share their stories with you.


Charlie dieted his whole life in hopes to manage his weight. Within 5 months with MetPro, he lost 66 pounds & le... Charlie R.

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For Anja and Jerry, the knowledge they've gained about their metabolism has changed their lives forever. Anja and Jerry B.

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Kristin thought she was doing everything right, but something was missing. Kristin S.

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Mark's always been a yo-yo dieter, but as he approached 50 he decided he needed to clean up his eating habits. Mark B.

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Candice loved knowing her coaches were there if she was having a struggling moment or needed extra support and e... Candice H.

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When Patrice started MetPro she couldn't believe how much she was eating and still losing weight! Patrice F.

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Get The Muscle Definition You Want With Proper Nutrition photo

Between CrossFit training regularly and eating a healthy diet, Sonia was frustrated that she wasn't seeing the r... Sonia O.

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Michael J.'s Transformation photo

Michael started to notice that the way he was approaching his diet and exercise didn’t work like it used to. He ... Michael J.

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Melissa & Jarod Anderson's Transformation photo

Melissa & Jarod never believed they would be able to see results like this. From surpassing their weight loss go... Melissa and Jarod A.

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Mary's MetPro Transformation photo

Mary's fitness and nutrition regimen had stalled. She looked to MetPro as a solution to take her health to the n... Mary Y.

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MetPro Transformation photo

When David first started on my journey, he weighed in at 351 lbs. While he lost a fair amount of weight over the... David V.

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Lyell's MetPro Transformation photo

Over the years, due to Lyell’s career and various other things that occur in ones life, Lyell gradually gained w... Lyell H.

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4 Month Transformation photo

Tom is amazed at his transformation. He not only feels much better and his athletic performance has improved, bu... Tom F.

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MetPro Transformation photo

At his max, Dan was 260 pounds. It came to a point where he did not believe that he could lose weight. He needed... Dan D.

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6 week transformation photo

“I became a better dancer and felt better in my own skin” Sarah G.

100 lb weight loss photo

After receiving bad news about his health from his doctor, Donny received the awakening he needed to change his ... Donny D.

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Lowered body fat % in 8 weeks photo

Being very busy managing a company, multiple investments, and a family, Chris quickly saw results with access to... Chris F.

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Optimize athletic performance photo

Custom nutrition improved his energy and over all composition “Their different approach to postural alignment an... Jordan R.

Lost 30 lbs in 6 months photo

Rhinannon has always been a fitness enthusiast. By implementing MetPro, she was able to surpass her fitness goal... Rhiannon C.

Our physical transformations have truly transformed our relationship photo

"Our future is brighter than ever before! We’re hoping that we can be role models to not only our kids but also ... Dennis & Andrea L.

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Experienced Sustainable Results in Just Two Months* photo

Tye, a Sports Chiropractor, came to MetPro frustrated with his nutrition after years in the gym and not seeing t... Tye L.

Lost 20 Lbs photo

"I always liked to work out but struggled with nutrition, so thats why I'm so glad I tried MetPro." Andrea S.

50 lbs down photo

“My Physician was shocked at my health transformation!” Stan R.

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Metabolic Profiling played an important role in my transformation photo

Kelly is a “Sporty Person“ now! “I was trying to lose weight on my own for over a year and wasn't able to do it”... Kelly P.

Lost 61 lbs in 5 months photo

Jill made her health her number one priority and it shows. JIll M.

I've never had results like this photo

“I've done diets and seen nutritionists but I've never had the whole package or seen results like this” Melissa F.

Lost Over 40 lbs photo

With a job that’s physically demanding, David knew he needed to change his eating and exercise habits. David L.

Got Abs for the first time photo

Edee wanted to get her pre-baby body back. Edee P.

Lost 45 lbs photo

“I wanted to lose weight and tone up” Kim C.

Lost 20 lbs photo

“The diet was really easy for me to follow” Tom M.

Lost 50 lbs in 90 days photo

Steve knew he needed to get healthy. “I was borderline diabetic with blood pressure and decided it was time to ... Steve B.

Gained 10 lbs of muscle in 5 weeks photo

Wes wanted to gain weight for the football season. “The posture helped my alignment, my agility got better, and... Wes C.

Jen Makes A Lifestyle Change photo

Jen was tired of feeling tired! Jennifer G.

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6 Month Transformation photo

"I've tried every diet in the book and was conditioned by my doctors to believe that weight loss would be diffic... Melissa A.

Slender Man Gains Muscle photo

Jeff L.

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Lost 54 lbs in 10 weeks photo

Wanted to get in better shape for wrestling. Garret S.

Lost 25 lbs photo

John has a very busy business and personal life so he needed something that could easily be adapted to his lifes... John C.

Lost over 50 lbs photo

Ken wanted to look his best in his 50's Ken S.

Lost 28 lbs in 11 weeks photo

By adding MetPro to his current exercise routine Adam was able to get shredded. Adam P.

MetPro Transformation photo

“No other program I've ever seen has achieved the sustained and consistent results as MetPro!" “The key to weig... Andrew H.

10 week transformation photo

Growing an international company left him without time to focus on his own health. He chose to make health a pri... Jim O.

Tightened up in 6 weeks photo

Amanda wanted to clean up her nutrition and tone up her body. “This is the best I've felt since college!” Amanda C.

Lost 40 lbs. and gained muscle photo

"I feel so much better, my energy level has never been this high" Will T.

MetPro Transformation photo

As the owner of Sheraton Real Estate, Larry is a busy man. Staying in shape is important for him. Larry S.

3 Month transformation photo

“I just wanted to get lean and be sculpted” Patrick H.

Lost 50 lbs photo

"This is the best I've felt since college” Wade E.

Lost a combined 90+ lbs photo

Ed and Pat lost a combined 90lbs over 8 months. With MetPro, they continue to enjoy retirement with more energy... Pat & Ed 

46 years old and lost 25lbs photo

“The diet is great, the workouts are awesome, but the postural portion is probably the biggest thing for me.” Brian Y.

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