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Enhance your nutrition, fitness, and wellness knowledge.

Learn from Experienced Experts

For a decade, MetPro has been a trusted source for science-backed guidance and practical application. Here, in the MetPro Academy, our team of registered dietians, certified fitness nutrition experts, and fitness trainers share recipes, articles, and links to helpful resources for your wellness journey.

Podcast Interviews

MetPro founder, Angelo Poli, is a regular guest on numerous renowned podcasts–including athletics, nutritional science, fitness, entrepreneurship, and executive coaching. In these engaging conversations, Angelo explains the science behind metabolic profiling in an easy-to-understand and approachable way. A trainer and coach at heart, Angelo always shares inspirational testimonials and advice that you can implement immediately. 

The MetPro Method Podcast

Listen to industry-leading experts in nutrition, fitness, and wellness share their insights. The MetPro Method podcast offers honest answers to your most challenging questions about fitness, metabolism, and weight loss. We provide practical tips for a healthier, more active lifestyle. No gimmicks or fad-diets, just the truth about transformation.


We enjoy food, and want you to as well! Here you’ll find some of the most nutritious and delicious recipes that are popular with our registered dietians, fitness nutritionists, and the MetPro community!


MetPro uses a strategic approach to fitness–coupled with diet–to produce long-lasting results. MetPro’s tailored fitness strategy  adapts to work for your unique body and lifestyle. Here you’ll find some insights from MetPro’s coaching team of Fitness Trainers, Competitive Athletes, and Registered Dietitians.


MetPro works with even the busiest of lifestyles–whether for business or pleasure. You’ll find strategies and practical tips from our coaching team that allow you to keep moving toward your goals no matter the circumstances.


Understanding how your body responds to different foods and exercise empowers you to achieve your goals more efficiently and sustainably. Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve performance or build muscle, or someone seeking to lose body fat, understanding your unique metabolism is an important first step.