Frequently Asked Questions

For over a decade, MetPro coaches have led thousands of people to reaching their goals. Whether it's losing weight, building muscle, or staying in shape, our coaching team has "seen it all." Here's a few of the most common questions we are asked.

What is metabolic profiling?

Metabolic Profiling is a complete step-by-step guide to mastering your metabolism. On its own MetPro is an algorithm, an evaluative process, and an engine fueled with the data you feed into it every day. It's designed to calculate the absolute best "next step" for you under any circumstance, and will do so with responsiveness and precision. Like a GPS it will recalculate your route at any destination or missed turn. Your personal results—and no one else's—will dictate each and every step the system directs you to take. Pretty cool, right? 

I only have a few pounds to lose. Is MetPro for me?

MetPro is for anyone interested in optimization. Whether you want to learn how your personal metabolism works or just want to experience what your personal best looks like MetPro is for you. Want to put on lean muscle? MetPro can identify and scale to optimally meet that goal too.

What About Medical Conditions

Medical conditions requiring nutritional therapy for things such as substantial liver and kidney disease or diabetes, fall outside MetPro's current scope of practice. See your medical professional for recommendations. Individuals seeking fitness and exercise only, may still qualify for our coaching services.

Will I be hungry all the time?

Nope. That’s a tact used by the diet industry, not us. At MetPro we believe in enjoyment, empowerment, and thriving. If you’re hungry all the time you won’t be a happy person. MetPro works by up-regulating your metabolic rate to trigger an adaptive response, not long term depravation. Now that doesn’t mean your coach might not ask for periods of being more restrictive, but the goal is to increase your metabolic capacity and not repress it through hunger.

Are you sure I will get enough food every day?

Yes, we are. MetPro adapts to you. If you’re not getting enough food it will begin adjusting immediately to match what ever your needs are –and your needs will change. Some people need a lot of food –others not so much –and here’s a hint: it’s not always related to your gender or size. MetPro was developed out of the need for an anti-one-size-fits-all approach.

Every diet I have ever tried fails after a few weeks. Why is this so different?

The diet failed to adapt to your adjusting metabolism. And frankly …the other diets you’ve tried weren’t designed for YOU. Perhaps you decreased when your body needed an increase or perhaps you restricted carbs when your body needed fewer calories. There are literally hundreds of factors and indicators your body gives as to what your next step needs to be –as long as someone is listening. We are here to help you listen and we don’t limit our tool box in helping you reach your goal.

This sounds complicated. Will I be able to understand everything I need to do?

Probably not, the truth is your metabolism and how it works is complicated. That’s why Angelo Poli and his team of coaches has spent years in the metabolic discipline, working with thousands of people, and studying their results. This is WHY we’ve developed what we believe to be the most comprehensive metabolic identification process on the planet –so no you probably won’t understand every nuance in the first week. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to gain a complete understanding of how YOUR metabolism works, and what you must do to achieve your personal objectives. Your coach will be working closely with you as you discover your personal Metabolic ID.

There's just this one thing I can't live without. It's coffee. Can I keep it?

Yup! Several of us at Metabolic Profiling need our coffee too so we won’t make you go without it if you enjoy it.

Will I have energy while I am on the MetPro diet?

Metabolic Profiling is about optimization. One of the most heavily weighted indicators of your Metabolic ID is your energy. MetPro will continue to adapt to your needs until your energy is optimal (while giving consideration to your primary goals).

What if MetPro isn't for me?

There are a handful of people out there that have already found “optimal” in their life. For everyone else there’s MetPro.

I just had a baby. Can I go on the MetPro diet?

Yes. Just having had a baby / breastfeeding is a great example of why having an individualized and adjustable program is best. If your doctor has any special recommendations we can help you work those into your lifestyle as well.

Will I have to give up alcohol?

No. Now that doesn’t mean the principle of cause and effect doesn’t apply, but we’ll help you gain a complete understanding of different types of alcohol and their impact considering your goal. Bottom line, we’ll adjust on the back end to optimize for your lifestyle.

Is this a no/low carb diet? My body needs carbs.

MetPro doesn’t limit itself to any “one” diet strategy therefor couldn’t be categorized as a low carb diet. MetPro evolves to match your metabolic needs. Carb control is but one of many tools that can be applied to a lesser or greater degree depending on an individuals propensity and response. If you don’t like cutting carbs, it’s likely you’ll learn that your body responds best with at least moderate carbohydrates. That doesn’t mean MetPro will water down our approach. We will explain what carbohydrate intake you’ve shown to respond best to and fully explain why.

Are there any free/anytime foods on this plan?

Yes. There will be many foods that don’t have a high enough impact on your overall diet to eat your fill of. Your coach will provide you with your options.

Will I have to eat foods I don't like?

No, food should be enjoyable. If you don’t care for a particular snack or meal ingredient you will have a substantial substitution list to choose from that will not alter your overall calories, carbs, or ratios.

Does MetPro support my dietary restrictions?

You can follow the metpro system while still adhering to many common food restrictions, including gluten free, lactose free, wheat free, vegetarian, pescatarian, organic and raw food. MetPro also works in conjunction with nearly all popular diets including Weight Watchers, Paleo, blood type, south beach and dozens more.

How much does MetPro cost?

Contact us or call (855) 395-8250 to get MetPro pricing.

How do I interact with my MetPro coaches?

Most of the communication with your MetPro coach is done through chat messages or phone conversations.

Who is Angelo Poli?

Angelo Poli, author of Metabolic Profiling, is an internationally recognized expert in the field of body transformations. Poli’s metabolic profiling process as been featured in Sports Illustrated and used by some of the highest paid athletes in the world. For more details, see the video on the About Us page.