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After recovering from a crippling injury, Poli brought to light a whole new way of thinking about health, fitness, and weight loss

Angelo Poli is an internationally recognized expert in the field of body transformations. Poli pioneered the evaluation-based approach to weight management that has been hailed as "… a foolproof diet plan." Poli is described in Men's Health as, "… soft spoken and cerebral."

His prestigious clientele from all over the world range in scope from NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers, among other elite athletes, to physique models, businessmen, serial entrepreneurs, and politicians. Those who have been fortunate enough to gain tutelage from Poli and his team of Transformation Experts have consistently achieved exceptional results regardless of hectic schedules, significant injuries, crippled metabolisms, and lives with exceedingly-heavy responsibilities.

Poli and his team have perfected lifestyle evaluation and the artful prescription of actionable strategies to combat the hurdles that Poli's prestigious clientele constantly encounter.

Poli can be seen in the media regularly. He is a regularly featured fitness blogger for The Huffington Post. The Wall Street Journal praised Poli for his innovative work transforming some of Silicon Valley's most elite. In his 12 years of refining his process, Poli has become one of the most celebrated and desired body transformation experts in the world.

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mens health

"WHOLE BODY FITNESS IS AN UNOBTRUSIVE PRIVATE GYM IN CHICO, CALIFORNIA, where the best quarterback in the NFL prepared for the season. I'm chatting with Angelo Poli, his off-season trainer. Poli, soft-spoken and cerebral, is talking about alignment."

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the huffington post

"Angelo Poli, author of Metabolic Profiling, is an internationally recognized expert in the field of body transformations. Poli has worked with elite-level athletes (2011 NFL MVP, World Record Power Lifters, and top Crossfit Competitors) and has been featured in major media outlets for his speciality in Neuromuscular Re-education (Posture and Alignment) and weight loss sciences."

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TEDx Chico

"Poli has been featured in major media outlets including Men's Health, The Wall Street Journal, and The Huffington Post, for his work in the field of Neuromuscular Re-education (Posture and Alignment) and nutritional sciences."

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Sports Illustrated

"The season after he started working with Poli, Rodgers won the first of his two MVP awards. (He won against last year.) But that didn’t end his quest..."

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