MetPro Coaches

We use metabolic science and proven experience to deliver sustainable results.

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Highly-Qualified Coaching

As coaches, we're the practical experts behind the MetPro methodology. We not only understand the nutritional and fitness science, we have experience in coaching. We work with you one-on-one, speaking with you on a regular basis to provide accountability, encouragement, and most of all: strategy!

Each one of us is unique--ranging from experienced personal trainer to clinical nutritional research. When you work with one of us, you're backed by a team with decades of collective experience and troubleshooting. Ultimately, we're a team that's passionate about helping others reach their wellness goals.


Meet Some MetPro Coaches

Your Personal Support System

Our team includes Registered Dietitians, sports nutritionists, competitive athletes, ISSA-certified nutritionists, and a host of Masters degrees in kinesiology, nutrition, and other disciplines. Each of us is experienced in bringing about long-lasting transformations. We provide one-on-one accountability, encouragement, and strategic guidance.

As your coach, you will find us cheering you on, educating you on the practical science of your metabolism, and encouraging you to take the next best step to reach your goal. We work closely with you on strategies that fit your metabolism, lifestyle, and preferences.

What's it like Working with a MetPro Coach?

Communication Throughout the Week

Every week, you will connect several times 1:1 with us by phone or text. During these strategic conversations, we'll discuss your individual data, progress, and answer your questions. We can review your data analytics in real-time and adjust your plan to achieve your goals.

Data That is Actionable for You

Throughout the week, we will be discussing your progress data. Based on our conversations, upcoming events, lifestyle, and preferences, we will adapt your nutrition and fitness plan to keep you on track for success. We'll use data to make practical, strategic changes.

Individual Guidance, Accountability, and Motivation

From celebrating your successes to helping you navigate life's challenges, we're supporting you. Sometimes you might need an encouraging word, a bit of key information, or a reminder. You'll find we  go the extra mile so you have what you need to reach your goal.

Mastering Your Metabolism

Through our conversations, your journey, and your body's responses to diet and exercise, you’ll grow in your understanding of how your body works. You'll appreciate the uniqueness of your metabolism and "graduate" with your "Master's Degree" in YOUR Metabolism.