A New Life that Exceeds their Expectations

She dropped 4 dress sizes and he could continue running

A New Life that Exceeds their Expectations

She dropped 4 dress sizes and he could continue running

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I never imagined I'd run again. With MetPro I achieved my goals and, more importantly, rediscovered a passion I thought I'd lost.


When I first discovered MetPro, I felt like I had tried every diet out there. After sharing my struggles with a MetPro coach, they reassured me that MetPro was different. It would be tailored to my metabolism and goals. I was convinced this was the solution I needed. I wanted my husband, Jarod, to join me, so we could embark on this journey together.

The Whole Lifestyle Package

My goal was to shed pounds and transform my body. I had managed to lose weight with other programs, but I never incorporated weightlifting and exercise. I never had the complete lifestyle approach, which I believe has been crucial to my success.

When I started with MetPro, I was dealing with numerous health issues and a particularly stressful year. Many would think it was an impossible time for me to achieve my goals. But with the unwavering support of my MetPro coaches, I lost over 20 pounds, went down 4 dress sizes, and have never felt better.

If you’re determined, have the right plan, and the right people backing you, you can make significant changes that set you on a path to a better life.

Exceeding Weight Loss Goals & Overcoming Injuries

Jarod used to run marathons and clock in 50-60 miles a week. He never worried about his weight back then and ate and drank as he pleased. But after injuring his knees and undergoing surgeries, he couldn’t run like before. That’s when life’s weight caught up with him, we knew he had to change.

He set out with a weight-loss goal of 35 pounds and aimed to improve his body composition. If you ask him, he’ll admit: “In the past, I struggled with consistency. When I joined MetPro, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But with a tailored nutrition and fitness plan, not only did I reach my target weight, but I also exceeded my own expectations.”

Jarod’s goals evolved, and he introduced heavier weights into his workouts. We never imagined he’d run again. But reshaping his body made us realize he could. He achieved his goals and, more importantly, rediscovered a passion he thought he’d lost.

Both of us were astounded by the rapid results from MetPro. From utilizing the in-app workouts to crafting meals within our personalized plans, maintaining consistency was straightforward and has profoundly impacted our lives.