Avid Marathon Runner Loses 30 lbs and Improves Run Times

Learned to adjust fueling to support fat loss goals and running schedule

Avid Marathon Runner Loses 30 lbs and Improves Run Times

Learned to adjust fueling to support fat loss goals and running schedule

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After 12 years of running marathons and at the age of 41 I’m so thankful to still be making improvements.

Angie, the owners of The Marathon Training Academy is an avid marathon runner. She came to MetPro with a primary goal of weight loss. Throughout her experience working with MetPro, she not only shed over 30 lbs but she increased her energy and even started to see improvements in her marathon times!

Below is a more in-depth story from Angie herself about her journey, re-published with permission from The Marathon Training Academy.

My Weight Loss Story

I started to notice that my energy levels were low and that something wasn’t right with my health. But it had been a big year for me with lots of traveling and races (including running the Boston Marathon). I was also busy with a full load of coaching clients, podcasting, and the demands of being a mom to three boys. Unfortunately, my two grandmothers both passed away within three months of each other so that added to my stress. I hoped that with the passing of time things would get better. But it didn’t.

I started gaining weight despite my normal training schedule of running, strength training, and yoga. Cutting back on sugar and processed foods didn’t help. It was all very discouraging. My energy levels and motivation continued to decrease and I knew it was finally time to seek help.

I got some blood tests that revealed I was dealing with a hormonal imbalance. Working with my doctor I started taking thyroid medication. I also took steps to decrease my stress level, work on my nutrition, and increase the quality and quantity of sleep. I also took a year off from doing races (and that was HARD)!

After about a year all these interventions helped and my energy levels started returning to normal and I was able to go off my medication. But I had gained close to 40 pounds during this time and the weight wouldn’t budge. This made running a lot more difficult, a few of my joints ached all the time, and my confidence level was low. I just didn’t feel like myself anymore.

Over the next two years, I tried everything I could think of (within the realm of health) to drop fat and feel good again. I was feeling very stuck (and hopeless) with my weight when I began working with MetPro. I was honestly a bit skeptical at first but I was willing to give the program a try and do my best.

Working with a MetPro Coach

Working with my coach was a fantastic experience from day one. I felt like she heard and understood what I needed. She didn’t ask me to cut back on doing what I love--which is running.

Following MetPro’s system took all the guesswork out of how much and how often I should be eating to support my fat loss goals. My coach gave me a specific amount of macronutrients to eat broken down into breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks. Despite my initial skepticism I was committed to the process and started seeing results (even over the holiday season).

Up-Adjusting and Down-Adjusting

I checked in with my coach over the phone once a week and tracked my meals and workouts in the MetPro app. As the months unfolded she took me through up-adjust and down-adjust cycles in my macronutrient intake.

The big key to this program is the principle of contrast: Angelo Poli, the Founder of MetPro, says contrast is a strategy that they use once your body adjusts to your new nutritional intake and the weight loss stalls. It is in the up-adjusting and down-adjusting that revs the metabolism and sheds the pounds. Your metabolic rate is a moving target, constantly adapting to your environment (as the body seeks homeostasis). And no two people are alike! Your body will eventually adapt to whatever eating plan you’re using which is why it’s important to strategically change your intake.

The MetPro app keeps the process of tracking your weight, meals, and workouts very simple.

These results have continued for the last nine months and I honestly feel like a new and improved version of myself. Being consistent with my nutrition and the resulting fat loss allowed me to unexpectedly run a Boston qualifying time (3:39:25) this summer at the Charlevoix Marathon, and win 1st place in my age group.

Seeing my marathon times drop after so many years has been so exciting. Having structure and consistency with my nutrition has made a big difference in helping me lose fat, have consistent energy, and achieve my running goals. I’m so thankful for the difference that MetPro has made in my life!

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