A CEO’s Road to a Healthier Lifestyle

Lost 20 lbs, gained muscle mass, and is stronger on the basketball court

A CEO’s Road to a Healthier Lifestyle

Lost 20 lbs, gained muscle mass, and is stronger on the basketball court

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I feel like I ended a stressful year in almost as good shape as I entered – all because I had a process to follow.

CEO with Busy Schedule

Growing up, I was always active, playing baseball and basketball. I even continued my passion for baseball as a college athlete. As I transitioned into adulthood, I still enjoyed playing basketball, all while raising a family and spearheading my business as the founder and CEO of SmartCEO. But, like many ambitious individuals with demanding schedules, I found it increasingly challenging to maintain my active lifestyle and healthy eating habits. That’s when I began my search for a solution.

I stumbled upon MetPro through a Facebook post titled “Metabolic Profiling for CEOs.” Intrigued, I delved deeper and watched a TEDx Talk where Angelo Poli, an expert in Neuromuscular Education and Nutritional Sciences, introduced a scientific diet strategy tailored for professionals like me with hectic schedules.

Being a lifelong athlete and CEO, I was eager to see how this approach could rejuvenate my diet and fitness routine. I noticed that my stagnant routine was affecting my energy, mindset, and even my business performance. I couldn’t let this continue.

Getting Started with MetPro

I reached out to Angelo Poli and his team of experts. Over the next few days, I had enlightening discussions with my nutritional coach about a diet strategy tailored to my physical needs and demanding lifestyle.

Angelo shared a piece of advice that has stuck with me: “Look at your calendar for the next week. You know where you’re going to be, right? Do you know what you’re going to eat while you’re there? It’s all about following a system.”

I wanted to understand how to eat right for my body and goals. With the guidance of my MetPro coaches, I learned how to plan and prepare my meals in advance. It was a significant shift initially, but with the right knowledge, it soon became second nature. Now, my entire family, including my wife and three kids, follow the MetPro system.

MetPro Fits into a Busy Executive’s Lifestyle

As I was about to embark on a growth plan for SmartCEO, I felt that working with Angelo and his team equipped me to handle the challenges ahead.

While traveling, MetPro’s concierge service was invaluable, guiding me on meal choices and even suggesting specific menu items at local restaurants. The in-app workouts ensured I could exercise anywhere, be it my hotel room or a nearby gym.

“Everyone is hunched over a screen these days. My MetPro coach introduced postural exercises that expanded my chest and improved my posture over time.”

I believe everyone inherently wants to improve their health and fitness. But many get stuck, unsure of the next steps. What I needed was expert guidance in my incredibly busy life. With MetPro’s services and technology, I found the knowledge and resources to succeed.

I feel like I ended a stressful year in almost as good shape as I started – all because I had a process to follow.

Today, I’ve shed 20 lbs, regained lost muscle mass, and at 53, I feel quicker and stronger on the basketball court than ever. Interacting with many business-minded individuals, I’m eager to share my transformative experience with MetPro.

5 Lessons Learned Using MetPro

  1. Just as you learn techniques in sports, when it comes to eating and fitness, you should have a strategy. MetPro is about developing lifelong habits.
  2. MetPro’s concierge service is a lifesaver, especially when diet and fitness take a backseat during busy times.
  3. Having an expert to consult is a game-changer, something missing from other programs I’ve tried.
  4. You don’t need a personal trainer to succeed. Your coaches are there to guide you, no matter where you are.
  5. Once you have the knowledge, the only thing left is the desire. So, ask yourself: ‘Am I ready to improve my health and fitness?