A Day in the Life

Discover what it means to live your best life using MetPro

Burn Body Fat - Guaranteed

You've tried diets, workouts, programs, and fasting. Each time more draining than the last. Even if they did work, the weight came back. Here's how we help you keep that weight off: 
  • Assessment: Our algorithm approximates your basal metabolic rate
  • Recommendations: Our algorithm suggests a new diet and exercise plan
  • Adjustments: Your Coach updates your recommendations based on changes in your metabolic profile

Lose Weight on Your Schedule

You know you'd be in better shape if you had the time to do what you know would work. But how can you lose weight on your schedule? MetPro gets you the results you're looking for on your time. 
  • Bite-for-Bite Meal Plan: Our program gives you tailored meal plans that take the guesswork out of eating
  • Dynamic Recipes: Use your foods list to quickly put together MetPro-approved meals on the go
  • Quick Logging: Check off all your meals that meet your weight loss goals

Ignite Your Metabolism for Maximum Energy

You want to lose weight but lower calories mean less energy. MetPro will increase your energy levels while losing weight.
  • Metabolic Workouts: Our algorithm recommends workouts to increase your basal metabolic rate
  • Energy Optimization: Optimize your calorie types to allow you to eat more, maintain energy levels, but still burn fat
  • Blood Sugar Management: MetPro helps you control your blood sugar via diet so you avoid energy crashes


No More Frustration Around How You Look

  • A personalized meal plan tailored to your body, metabolism, and goals overseen by a Certified Registered Dietitian.
  • A metabolic coach who provides workouts, adjustments, and accountability.
  • A mobile app to track progress towards your goals.
  • Weekly strategy calls with your coach to address any problems or concerns.
  • Text, call, or chat a MetPro Coach to get your questions answered.
  • Access to a certified personal trainer and registered dietitian 24/7.
  • Exclusive nutrition, fitness, and wellness content from our team of Registered Dietitians, Certified Nutritionists, Board Certified Specialists in Sports Dietetics, and Kinesiologists.

Rooted in Research

The MetPro System is based on a combination of leading research and proprietary data collection from over 10 years of applied learning. The combination of theory and application produces consistent results for all our clients, no matter the body type. 

A typical client can expect to maintain 98-100% of their weight loss with MetPro. MetPro accomplishes this by using your metabolism to burn body fat without decreasing your metabolic rate. The result is sustainable weight loss.

MetPro doesn't require any medications, meal replacement shakes, or dietary supplementation. We don't use any drastic measures like weight loss clinics do. We leverage your body's natural metabolism to acclimate your body to a healthy weight. 

Losing weight is positively correlated with reductions in chronic health conditions such as reducing blood sugar, decreasing blood pressure, and reducing unhealthy cholesterol levels. Check with your insurance provider to see if MetPro qualifies as a healthcare expense.