The MetPro system

MetPro gives you step-by-step details on how to implement an evaluation-based approach to weight loss, for an unparalleled experience

Intro to metabolic profiling

Like your thumbprint, your metabolism is unique to you. When I first began coaching clients I became frustrated that no single dieting strategy worked for everybody. So instead of throwing up my hands—or getting sub-par results for half to two-thirds of my clients —I devised a series of tests, surveys, and other ways to evaluate each client to identify the exact diet strategies that would work best for them. In time it evolved into Metabolic Profiling – the world's most powerful evaluation-based transformation system.


How it works

The MetPro science cracks the metabolic code. Put away philosophies and theories- we're not granting wishes or banking on unproven theories -- we're looking for precise data on your metabolism, your genetics, and your results.

We start with a series of tests, each one designed to uncover details about your personality, genetics, lifestyle, and metabolism.

The system scores you into 1 of 44 unique diet phases that are positively identified as a match for your metabolism. The phase is then customized by your transformation coach to fit your lifestyle like a glove.

You'll work directly with one of the industries leading experts in transformations to ensure your program is moving forward at all times.

Some people respond to direct calorie adjustments, others display greater sensitivity to carbohydrates --we don't limit ourselves to just one approach. Each person responds a little different. It's those differences that MetPro identifies and evaluates for you.

Shortly after beginning a MetPro diet phase, your coach will have calculable data --the key ingredient that drives the MetPro system. You either lose weight --or your MetPro ID is refined and your coach will drop you to a more restrictive phase. This all begins within 72 hours of starting the program.

MetPro will help you develop a new understanding of your metabolism and the specific steps needed to stay progressive. Our system and our team will provide you the science to transform.

How MetPro Came To Be

Unsurprisingly, I found that everyone needs something a little different. Furthermore, they need something different at different times: what works for Anne won't necessarily work for Betty, and what worked for Betty last month may not work for her today. That's one HUGE reason most diets fail.

Through years of trial and error I designed the Metabolic Profiling “System Matrix,” which guides you through an “aptitude test” for your unique metabolism, and shows you how to optimize it, one week, one day, one meal at a time.

What is MetPro?

Metabolic Profiling is a complete step-by-step guide to mastering your metabolism. On its own MetPro is an algorithm, an evaluative process, and an engine fueled with the data you feed into it every day. It's designed to calculate the absolute best "next step" for you under any circumstance, and will do so with responsiveness and precision. Like a GPS it will recalculate your route at any destination or missed turn. Your personal results—and no one else's - will dictate each and every step the system directs you to take. Pretty cool, right? But it's still missing an ingredient.


What's a MetPro Coach?

There's an intangible that drives a person towards that instant in time when they realize their life is now divided into two parts - the person they were, and the person they've become... that missing ingredient is a coach.

A coach is so much more than someone telling you how many spoonfuls of oat bran to eat or how far to run—at least the kind of coach I'm talking about. In fact there are only a finite number of people in this world who are truly born to coach. The greatest pleasure in my career has been finding, assembling, and training a team of self-improvement visionaries whose passion is to inspire. Our coaches are experts in all things transformational science. Their job when boiled down is to see you through, start to finish, your transformation into the most beautiful and vibrant version of yourself.

It's not prohibitively complicated, but it's not “The Cabbage Diet” either. Metabolic Profiling is a system - a road map - but it's up to you to participate so we can make the right adjustments at the right time.

Let me be clear, my team isn't likely to feel similar to anything resembling traditional coaches - they'll apply our outside-the-box approach with an unbound attitude towards practical problem solving, resourcefulness, and use of technology, with a relentless resolve to leave a breadcrumb trail in front of you at all times. Who in your life challenges you at a level that inspires, motivates, and renews your belief in personal growth? At times unlocking the door is all it takes; other times you may need someone to carry you across the threshold. We are up to the task. If you believe as I do that someone like this can help you enact change, but are unsure that our style of coaching lives up to the hype - I personally invite you to call and talk to one of the specialists on my team.

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