Losing More than 100lbs: Embracing the Weight Loss Journey with Rosalyn Arntzen

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Crystal O’Keefe: Welcome to the MetPro Method podcast. I’m your host, Crystal O’Keefe, and today I am joined by MetPro client Rosalyn Arntzen. And we are going to hear all about her MetPro Journey. Rosalyn, thank you so much for being here today. I appreciate it. Um, so I wanna hear about your health journey, like even before MetPro.
How did you get here?

Rosalyn Arntzen: Okay. So great to see you Crystal, and nice to see you too. Look, it’s been a journey. There’s, there’s no question, and I call it that. You know, I struggled with my weight from a kid like all my life and, my mother got sick when I was two, and therefore, running outside and doing lots of things like that just weren’t part of what we did.

Recreation was watching a movie, reading a book, et cetera. And so I never really had that DNA to learn how to balance. And so even going into, being nine, 10 years old, going into my teens, always a struggle. Tried so many different things over the years, the crash diets.

There was one period when I lived in the UK and I looked back and I just cringe. 500 calories a day. Like, seriously, not sustainable, I lost weight, but it doesn’t stay off. Right. And so many times, you look back and you go, not only didn’t I lose the weight, well I lost the weight, but then I’m higher than where I started.

And it’s just this constant upping it and the weight loss industry. And I’m such a cynic of so much of the weight loss industry now because really, they want you to get enough of the drug, but then they need you to come back because that’s how they keep earning their money. So it’s like this vicious cycle and, everybody has to do what’s right for them.

I’m lucky that I didn’t have any health challenges in the sense of something that was really impacting my ability to lose weight. So I would lose weight when I tried. But, oh my god, it’s just hard.

It’s really hard and, so I run a company, my company’s 16 years old. It’s a consulting company in Seattle, and that was hard work. You run a small business. The buck stops with you. So there’d be many nights, I’d be lucky if I got four hours of sleep. I can survive on that, but I now know that’s not surviving.

You have four hours of sleep, you can’t get to the gym. The gym is 15 minutes away. It all started, when a friend of mine who was just coming back from maternity leave said, this is 2017, said to me, have you heard of this Peloton? I go, no, I haven’t.

And I did like cycling classes, but going to the gym once every three weeks doesn’t probably cut it. And then you’re not fit anyway, so you’re not getting out of it what you wanted. So, I went along to the Peloton showroom that opened up in Seattle and tried it and loved it. And, um, came home to husband and said, um, has never had a weight problem in his life.

I mean, him putting on five pounds is. I, you know, I’ve just gotta watch it a bit. You know, he is, he is mindful eating, personified. He sometimes doesn’t eat for the whole day. You know, it’s bizarre to watch somebody who, I’m really hungry and he leaves half of it and it’s like, how do you do that?

But he’s always been supportive. And I came out and said, I’m gonna buy this bike. And he just looked at me and he said, so where’s that going with the treadmill and the elliptical that we have downstairs that you never use? I had a very similar conversation. Cause Peloton back then, was this crazy, you know, I wasn’t an og but I definitely was in the early stages.

And I said, but this is different. It’s going in the bedroom. And he just looked at me. We wen if you don’t ride that thing for a week, it’s a clothes hanger. So that became a little bit of a joke. So, it took me time. I didn’t have that exercise DNA, as I said, I loved cycling, but exercise just wasn’t my thing.

I would go for long spates of time where I did nothing right? And I call myself a back in those days cuz I’m certainly not a workaholic couch potato because I would literally come home from the office, sit in front of the television with my laptop on my lap, and I would still be working. Yeah. And that was it.

Peloton took me about eight months to really get into it. Did about 50 rides in eight months. That’s still a lot more than I’d ever done. And then I had an opportunity to go to New York. My cousin lives in New York and my uncle was coming from Australia to see his daughter. I thought I’d love to go to the studio, but I feel such a dork.

You know, I’m big. Are they gonna make a joke of me? As it turned out, they were delightful. They couldn’t have been more welcoming. I was aiming for my hundredth ride. Didn’t quite get there, but by this time, the fitness bug had bitten. I just felt it was my escape. I got away from work.

I have 45 minutes between meetings. So I started to get that discipline of exercise for me and that it, it now is like, if I don’t get a day, I’m like, I can feel, you know, I need that escape. So Peloton and then I, you know, so we’re now in early 2019 and I discovered a program that’s, advertised a lot all over the web.

And, it was a good program for me to learn things about, there isn’t anything bad, and in a way, it was taking you toward that mindful eating approach. Yeah. But it really was like there’s, you know, it did classify foods as red, green, yellow, not bad good, but what they were trying to do is more calorie-dense versus things you can eat tons of.

And look, I lost with them about another 60 pounds. Wow. Okay. So by the way, the total I have lost is 135. I kinda have said that at the beginning actually. Yeah. Um, but I mean, it’s been a four-year journey, right? So I think one of the top things I would say is I had no, I had no end goal.

I didn’t wanna get to a certain size for a wedding event. I just decided, let’s see where this takes me. You know, everything I do is. Better. I also was very lucky that I didn’t have blood pressure, didn’t ha it blipped. It was on the highish side, as in on the normal high side, but not enough that it was concerning.

I didn’t have diabetes, I didn’t have anything, but in my own back of my mind, I was a little bit like a ticking time bomb. I’m in my fifties, something’s gonna happen. You can’t carry that much weight and not have an impact without sleep. Et cetera. So I knew there was something, but nobody was hassling me.

Nobody can make you do it. You’ve got to want to do it. So no spouse, no. You know, you’ve got to have that motivation yourself, and you’ve got to wanna do it. Right. I did this program, learned a lot about if you want a piece of chocolate cake habit, enjoy it.

Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t say, I’ve thrown the day out the window and now I, not that I was ever somebody who went and made everything in the cupboard, but what I’ve learned is my quantities were off and my metabolism, I always thought, oh, I’ve got a slow metabolism. Why can they eat that? I would say now, probably in MetPro terms, and you are the coach, you probably could.

It’s more, it was sluggish. You know, I didn’t know how to, to rev and be efficient. It’s not I have a slow metabolism, or I’m big-boned or somebody else. What I’ve learned is I’ve got the most efficient metabolism probably now that I have ever had. And, you know, I’m in my early sixties for heaven’s sake, you know, so, which still freaks me out to say that, but um, I also feel younger than I did 30 years ago.

So you’re only as old as you feel. Health has a lot to do with that. Absolutely. So, um, We’re now in 2020. Okay. And so I’m, first of all, so we live part-time between the Caribbean and Seattle now. Yay. For remote work. Yeah. Um, and um, and only lost 15 pounds the year of 2020.

But I’ll take that as a win.

Crystal O’Keefe: Yeah, it was, you lost, you didn’t gain the 15.

Rosalyn Arntzen: And again, I had a, I was lucky I had a bike here, which at the time my husband thought I was crazy. He said you’re only coming for two weeks. Ended up, we were stranded here for three and a half months. I couldn’t get back to Seattle cuz there were no flights.

Um, and so now swimming becomes part of, so this is another thing, adapt, learn what other exercises, what other things. Rock your boat. You know, I’ve got a tonal. I know you and I have talked about this in the past. I like strength training, but it doesn’t jazz me the way I do with Peloton. There’s just something about, I feel that connection with Peloton.

I like tonal. I feel good. Now stalled again, and this is the thing I wasn’t putting any weight on, but I would stall.
I would plateau. So 15 pounds with Peloton, 60 pounds with this other program. And then you and Tom decided to do MetPro on the Clip Out podcast. And I was listening to this thing and there were words that appealed to me, like hacking your metabolism, there’s something about that phrase, it was like, I know I’m better, but I know I’m not where I need to be.

And I also was getting a little concerned with the program I was on what happens when it’s over? Like when I’ve read all the lessons, when I’ve done it, what happens now? And I’ve been there before. My local gym in Seattle, which is a huge gym, does a program where they help people lose weight cuz it was started by a heart specialist, this gym.

And, um, I did that program back in 2005. I lost quite a bit of weight and then they just cast you a drift. And it’s like, what do I do now? And of course, the weight went back on and more.

MetPro, so I reached out, got interviewed, you know, they obviously wanna establish there’s no real health issues or anything else. And I got assigned to Jessee, so we’re now talking about March 21. I wanted to learn.
You know Angelo talks about on the podcast, the people who want data. There’s people who wanna learn. I’m somebody who actually likes tracking. I like knowing where I’m at. I follow a lot of groups, groups of the program I was on before. I’m still on their Facebook groups and everything else, and people talk about being terrified to get on the scale, et cetera.

For me, it’s almost my safe place. I want to weigh myself because I want to know where I’m at. I even have a little travel scale cuz it says to me now it’s just data. And I know it’ll go up and down by a couple of pounds, that’s fine. But I also never, ever, ever wanna see it creep up.

And it’s interesting, I think you just did the podcast on, you know, losing lots, losing that last, that last little bit and then staying. I never wanna get to that point. Oops. It’s two now. It’s 50. Yep. You know, so I want to monitor and, and I will do that for the rest of my life. And it’s, it’s not onerous, we went for a hike the other day exploring the island, and stopped for a nice Creole meal.

It was salty. I could taste it. It was more than I was used to. Went up a few pounds, fine. I’m back down again two days later. So it’s just getting to know what you do. And I think weighing yourself every day is part of that for me. Yes. There’s other folk who go, I can’t do it. The emotion is just too much.

So again, you’ve gotta do what’s right for you to make this a long-term thing. I’m pretty much where I wanna be now. It’s been a, it’s been slow, but. Seriously best shape of my life and feel great. And, people just look and go. someone said the other day on a Facebook post, you, you must know the wicked witch cuz you’re melting.

Crystal O’Keefe: I mean, Roz, I’ve seen pictures of you. You’re before and after, like, you genuinely look like a different person and you’re so, you can just see the joy on your face. Like you just, you seem a lot happier too.

Rosalyn Arntzen: It’s a funny thing you say that Crystal. Cause I don’t think, you know, like. I was never an unhappy person.

I’m always a glass-half-full person. That’s my life. Of course, everybody has their ups and downs, but that’s been my personality. I look back now and I go, you had no idea. You had no idea. But again, you don’t know. We don’t have a
Crystal ball, so I appreciate that MetPro help.

So 60, 70 pounds I’ve lost with Jessee’s help. And there’s been a couple of, there’s been obstacles. So it’s like I had neck surgery. I discovered a herniated disc, um, that I had no symptoms and it was really weird. I’d even discovered it. I’d got a, a pain down my arm, not a heart pain.

It was like a muscle pain. And, um, I was stuck on the island. So of course this is during the Covid period, so it was actually before I started MetPro. And um, suddenly we discovered later on I had a herniated disc that was serious enough that he said, if we don’t fix this, you could literally roll over one day and be paralyzed.

Oh. And I had no symptoms. And the doctors literally said I can reverse this cuz I didn’t want surgery. I was terrified of surgery, all went smoothly. And again, he said, and I said, I remember saying to the doctor, you know, I, by the way, I’ve lost 60 pounds in the last couple of years. He said, well that makes my life easier.

Yeah. I guess it was because of anesthetic and all those other things, you know. And then last year I needed foot surgery. I discovered I had, um, A bone spur, um, on my, on, on my big toe and it was just causing me some discomfort. Again, not huge, but enough that he said, we’ve gotta avoid this becoming a cartilage that gets dislodged.

So again, you know, and this was while I was under Jessee’s, Jessee’s coaching and um, it was very interesting her approach at that time because I’m still trying to lose weight, although I don’t have that. Goal of when that might be, could be one year, could be whenever. And she said, um, I wanna put you on maintenance.

And I’m like, ah, I’m not ready for maintenance. And she went, no, because this is not the time to lose weight because you won’t be losing weight. And so, and she also recommended, and this is something I know, um, I wanna talk about, is I think we should go to the app for a couple of months or about a month while you are in recovery, she said, because.

This is a time. There’s, I’m here if you want me, but there’s not a lot I can, I mean, you don’t wanna lose weight cuz you’re in recovery and, you know, um, I want you to have the guidance, but I know, I, I don’t want the program because I. And it was interesting trying the app for a couple of months. It’s great.

It really helps you monitor, but it doesn’t have those, you know, like I said to Jessee, Jessee, I’m just not losing weight. She’s okay. I’m gonna give you more protein here and I’m gonna add something there. I said to her last week, I’m just getting hungry at night. After dinner said, okay, I’m gonna move it around.

I’m gonna give you an extra snack at night. The app can’t do that. Right, but the app is still MetPro. I mean, there’s no question. Absolutely. The psychology and the tracking and everything is there, so, and I was like, but I don’t wanna go on maintenance. And she said, yes, but if you don’t lose weight, it’s going to keep adjusting because it doesn’t know why you are not losing weight.

I want you on maintenance for this period. You can’t work out a lot. I mean, literally the doctor said to me, you can’t get your blood pressure above a hundred for the first couple of weeks. Afterwards, I’m like, I get over a hundred getting out of a chair. Right? What are you talking about? So let alone walking or anything like that, it was like I wasn’t allowed to do anything and I had this lovely big boot.

On as well. Um, but it was good to try it. And Know Jessee, I’m ready to come back.

Crystal O’Keefe: I’m curious what that felt like for you, like the, the differences between the app and the coach since you’ve, you’ve done both. How did you feel about those? What stood out to you?

Rosalyn Arntzen: So you definitely feel a little lonelier because I like that feeling that I could just, you know, cause sometimes Jessee and I talk once a week now, I mean, if I need to talk to her, we schedule it, but I’m not at the point that I need to get on a phone.

And, you know, she, we have a lot of text back and forward, which I love because I, I’m not somebody you necessarily, I mean, it’s funny, every time my phone rings it’s like, oh God, they’re calling me. It’s like I talk all day on meaning, so I don’t wanna necessarily, I. Talk all the time. I’m email and text, so I love, I can just text back and forward with her.

It’s that feeling that she’s got all the tools in the toolbox and, you know, if I am, and, and I’ve had lots of plateaus, like lots and lots of periods where it just doesn’t budge right. But it, to me, it’s like it is what it is. Sometimes the body needs to get to here. Take a just stop, you know?

Yes. And then let’s go on the next, the next drop. Yep. The next drop. You know. Um, I didn’t even know where I was aiming for first of all, because I’ve not probably ever been there, quite honestly. Yeah. In my whole adult life. So, You know, other than the brief period of the 500 calories a day and how long did that last?

But I don’t think I ever knew what I was aiming for. And I knew every day I felt better and I looked great in clothes. And even, like, I’ve done like three wardrobe purges, you know? And, um, that’s amazing. You know, and, and it’s interesting that I even kept some things that I really liked and when I got to the other end, it was like, they don’t even, they’re not even my style anymore.

Now my style is, sports bras, shorts, live-in leggings, I was always somebody who was like, didn’t wanna wear stuff that not seriously, anybody can wear anything they want. But for me, I was always conscious because I was in, a business world of wearing stuff that I felt, looked like it should look and not inappropriate for where I was at that point.

Mm-hmm. You know? Um, so, And, and you know, obviously fashion has changed hugely to be very inclusive and be very conscious that people do come in all sizes and everybody has the right to have stuff that makes them feel good. But for me it was always I would wear baggy shirts or a skirt or whatever, just cuz that’s how I felt.

And um, so I think, I think that to answer your question, they’ve got different times and places, you know, and I probably, you know, will. Try the app again, you know, later this year to just even see how I go. Yeah. Because it’s like I can take my training wheels off a little bit, see how I manage this, but know that I can come back to having, and I think that will be me probably.

Like I, I liked the guidance of MetPro and, and we can talk a little bit more about what I’ve learned. Yes, definitely. Along the way. Definitely. But I liked the guidance that, I don’t, I like that. I don’t have that. What do I do now? Yeah.

Crystal O’Keefe: It’s spelled out for you with a coach. That makes sense.

And I think I, I mean, I know that we have a lot of clients, I have a lot of clients that they’ll, they’ll do like, you know, agl, a large chunk to get to where they’re, they’re in a, a happy spot and then they’ll go off it exactly like you said. They wanna, they wanna try it out on their own. They wanna use all the tools that we’ve given them.

And, uh, sometimes I will have people like, do a tune-up. They’ll come back the next year and they’re like, okay, I’m starting. I, I just went on vacation and this other thing happened. Maybe I had a surgery to your point and wasn’t as on point as I, I would’ve liked to have been. So now I wanna do a tune-up and I’ll come back for three months and kind of reestablish all those things.

So people use it a lot of different ways and, and I love that. That MetPro, similar to Peloton, in my opinion, will meet you wherever you are. Like it, we have a place for you and it’s great.

Rosalyn Arntzen: And it’s also, let me just tell the other way. So as I was going into having this foot surgery, the doctor wanted me to have a lot more protein.

Yeah. And he said, I really want, it’s gonna help you heal. It’s gonna have you back to your exercise quicker. So I said, okay, Jessee, what do I do? And that was when she introduced me. And I’m not a shakes person. I don’t like smoothies, shakes, they just don’t sit with me. She said, I want you to try these fairlife shakes.

Oh, the doc. It was funny. The doctor had recommended Ensure. Oh, okay. And um, and she said, Jessee’s, I couldn’t see her face, but she was like, no, no, we don’t want those ones. They’re full of sugar. But I like this one. And what’s really funny is the doctor now recommends Fairlife, by the way, when I showed him it, he went, oh, they’re much better.

Yeah, way better. Yeah. Oh my God. I don’t tend to drink my calories. That’s me. I prefer to eat my food. But for that, she said it’s a great way to get that extra protein in. And so again, she adjusted things for me so that I had more protein, et cetera, to allow that buildup so that again, it did help me get back to where I wanna be and not be, I wanna exercise and I can’t, et cetera, et cetera.

And also didn’t get complications. I mean, anytime you go under anesthetic, there’s risk. And the healthier you are and et cetera, the better. Yeah. So again, it was good to be able to say to her, okay, I need something. This is what he recommended. And she went, oh, no.

Crystal O’Keefe: Let’s get you that protein, but let’s do it like this.

Rosalyn Arntzen: Yes. 15 grams less sugar. I think.

Crystal O’Keefe: I believe that because Ensure was originally designed for, older people like that were not able to eat.

Rosalyn Arntzen: It’s a way to get those calories in.

Crystal O’Keefe: Precisely. You needed to get whatever you could get in them.

Rosalyn Arntzen: And so that was, that was originally what they were for. But I love that the doctor now recommends Fairlife. I do too.

So MetPro, I mean, It’s interesting. One of the things, and I feel sometimes it’s like witchcraft because when I was on the previous program, and again, I learned a lot about portion control. I learned about there’s no good and bad, you know?

You wanna have something, you’ve gotta make a, you’ve gotta make accommodations. That was all learning that I had to learn. Yeah. Because I, I’d never been that way. But what me has done is my tastes have changed. I mean, literally now, as you know, Crystal, in my Caribbean island, there are over 400 restaurants and they are all delicious.

And they’re all amazing because this is the half-Dutch, half French island, and they’re incredible. Like, so you could go out literally, well, you could go out every night. You wouldn’t hit every restaurant seriously. Yeah. Yeah. Um, and so of course a lot of Italian food, French food, which is all sauces and all that kind of thing.

And yet for me now it’s, it’s, I love grilled, beautiful fish, seafood, grilled fish. Um, I just don’t. It’s not like, you know so many people who are wanting to lose weight. They look at the menu and go, but I can’t have that or stuff it. I’m gonna have it today. No. No matter what. And then I’ve blown the day.

Yep. When I first started with Jessee, Jessee was like, whoa, you do go out a lot. You know, because she like, do you have any nights at home? And it was just, at the time I started with her, it was just going through a spate when we had friends in town, et cetera. And so what I would do in the beginning, which again, I don’t need to do with her anymore.

Send her a copy of the menu and I’d say, help. Like, I don’t even know what to have here. And she would say, well, I think the beef kebabs is the best. Or Why don’t you ask for the tuna but have rice instead of potato. Yes. The weird thing is I don’t even want potato anymore. Right. You know, if happy order’s fries, I’ll steal one fry and I’m good, you know?

But I don’t want it anymore. It’s like I don’t look at it and go, we, we were somewhere. Um, A couple of weeks ago, and it just turned out their kitchen was having some issues, so all they could do was pizza. And of course, even the pizza here is amazing. Like, oh, brother, you know, not even a salad. You don’t have anything.

Yeah, I had one piece of pizza. It was nice, but it’s not like the old me would’ve thought. And one more. Right. And one more. So the other thing that, and I, I, I honestly never felt this with previous things because, you know, when. Again, adored my mother. She’s no longer alive, but she was very much eat, eat, eat everything on your plate for the starving children in Africa.

And it’s like, I want to so much say whether I eat everything on my plate or not, it will not help the starving children in Africa. And we come from that psychology, you know, everyone born in the sixties, seventies. We have so much, don’t let it go to waste. So you come to that thing of clear my plate, eat everything on my plate, and so you lose that.

Full. Done. You know, now I can just go. It’s delicious. Take the other half home for lunch tomorrow. Yeah. You know, and, and, and I sometimes think, who are you? Cause I was never that way. Never. You know, it’s fantasitc.

Crystal O’Keefe: It really is. It’s wonderful to hear and I feel like, um, you know, it’s, it’s really more in line with the intuitive eating because, because you’ve learned so much and it becomes easy because it’s, it becomes.

It’s like a cycle, right? If you, if you eat a bunch of sugar, you’re gonna crave a bunch more sugar because it’s addictive. And so if you can eat five times a day or six times a day, and you’re eating healthy foods that have natural sugar in them only. Your body stops craving as much, and it gets used to, it resets your palate like you’re not crazy that when you say, my tastes have changed, that’s because things taste different because you’ve, you’ve cleared the palate, like you can, you can taste the en and enjoy fruits in a way that you couldn’t before.

Um, and, and things like that because you’re, You’re not constantly coating it with sugar and over, like making it hyper-palatable food choices all the time. Um, and so then you make that a habit, right? A long time. And then it becomes this thing that you just do. That’s who you are now, that is your identity.

And it’s not, I’m missing out on this thing. It is, this is what I choose to eat because this is how I feel. This makes me feel good and I enjoy it, and it’s no longer I’m missing something because you’re not that person anymore.
Rosalyn Arntzen: I love the way you explain that. It’s almost like some kind of chemical thing.

I, you know, I’ve never really thought about it that way, that like, even the other day it tasted too salty. Yep. To what I’m used to. Um, or you know, for me they, you know, one of the places we go and of course they have beautiful dessert menu. They had a dessert they don’t do anymore, but they’ll make it for me, which is just really thinly sliced pineapple with some mango sobe on it, and then they stick him orang on top.

Oh. And I just love that dessert, but I. Even the other night, I got halfway through and I’m like, And delicious. I’m done. Yeah. You know, whereas again, it usually would’ve been finishing the plate cuz it’s so delicious, but I don’t need to do that anymore. You know, and it’s like, but even the pineapple is so, so sweet, you know?

Um, but you know, I could have had the chocolate cake or the crepes or whatever else, and mostly I don’t even do dessert again. Husband has a very sweet tooth. He has to do, he has to do his own thing. Right. You know? Again, house is full of, and again, that’s interesting also, it used to be don’t bring that in the house because I don’t want to be tempted.

And now it’s like I’m not tempted. Like he has his chocolate and of course he’s, he’s one of these people who like, like forages. He’s got bits of half bars everywhere and it’s like, whatever, whatever. You know, you do you, I do me, you know. Um, I don’t even want it. I mean, it’s, it’s eye-opening when you go, I don’t need to look and go, Ugh.
You know, I want those m&ms so badly. I really don’t.

Crystal O’Keefe:Yeah. It’s, it’s, that’s quite a change, quite a shift. It’s very exciting. I’m very, I’m very happy for you that you’ve experienced so many shifts and you know, I think it’s also important to note that like so many of the things that you’ve talked about that you feel good about aren’t even related to the scale.

You know, like feeling better, the energy feeling, um, feeling like you don’t crave foods that you can just like, you’re not feeling. Um, tethered to that or controlled by that. And those are, they, they have nothing to do with the scale.
Rosalyn Arntzen: Right. I, I’m also never hungry and I mean serious. I mean like, okay, so sometimes I said I wanted a snack at night just cuz I wanted Sure.

Something, but it’s not really hunger, I would say at that point. I’ve also learned, we, we know we’ve got some good friends and he’s trying to lose weight. Da da da da. Everybody’s gonna do their own thing. And he goes for the, um, is it called intermittent fasting? Yep. Mm-hmm. Where he eats one meal a day.

Yeah. And I’m like, I can’t do that. Like for me, I love the way MetPro has the meal, the snack, the meal, the snack, the meal, the snack. , I’ve traveled, um, in the last few years I did a, you know, earlier this year around the world in 19 days to go to a wedding in Australia, which is about as far as you can get from St. Martin.

I can tell you, um, and I, what I would do is I packed little bags of almonds with either some dried figs or one of those That’s it. Bars, which are, that’s the ones that are just fruit, right? Yes. Uh, because again, what I’ve learned with Jessee is almonds have both protein and fat, and then the fruit is the carbs.

That doesn’t go off. So it means if I end up not eating them, it doesn’t matter. But at the same time, because Angelo says, make sure you’ve got your snacks. Yep. So if I know I’m going somewhere where I don’t know when I’ll be able to stop or have a meal, I just have a few of these little bags in my, in my bag.

If I have something out that I can have, fine, I come home with me, but I’m prepared. And again, almonds, dry fruit, I’m good. And it takes off that. Oh, I’m gonna have a sub or a McDonald’s or whatever. Um, because I’ve got that. The stages, you know, and again, I’ve learned for me, if I do that, I won’t suddenly go, oh God, what do I do now?
All there is is pizza around. Yep. Or something like that. Yep. You know? Yeah.

Crystal O’Keefe: You’re between your blood sugar and your, your brain. Those two things are gonna make you make bad decision. Decision. And I say bad because it’s something that’s not. According to your goals.

Rosalyn Arntzen: So if your goal, like you rails that objective.

Yeah. And then you’re like, then you get and look, it’s so emotional. You get depressed, you get miserable. Then you, if, if food has been your go-to, it becomes comfort. But then you’ve put on weight. So now you’re not, it’s like, it’s such a vicious cycle. I mean, it’s a very emotional, and again, it’s not like, An addiction to, and I don’t wanna undermine these in any way, an addiction to smoking or alcohol or whatever.

They could just say, don’t have it. Right. Unfortunately, with food, you can’t just not have it

Crystal O’Keefe:It’s facts. I mean, it’s just different. It absolutely is. And of course, those things are, are very serious and, you know, those can be very difficult addictions in and of themselves, but when it comes to food, you have to find a way.

To navigate it, that that is healthy. Because if you don’t, you, the, the end is you’re going to have a bad, something bad is going to happen. Either you’re gonna have those consequences that you talked about, or you’re going to gain an amount of weight that is a health consequence waiting to happen.

So you have to find a way to navigate it. And so I’m, I’m curious if there has been anything about MetPro that has really taken you by surprise.

Rosalyn Arntzen: That I, that I was able to lose the weight. That’s one because, you know, yes, I had lost some along the way. I. But we’re now getting, actually, your hubby said this, those last few pounds have seniority.

That’s true. And Ryan said this in the podcast that I listened to last night. He said the same thing. Those last few are hard, you know, for whatever reason they had. So I am amazed that I was able to do it and steadily do it slowly. But again, I’m not, I, all I care is I never go back. You know? It’s like, so whether it was tomorrow or whether it was next year, I’m already in the size I wanna be.

I already feel great. So it’s not, it wasn’t about, you know, now I’m here another 10,000. It was like just getting to where I need to be. So the fact I’ve actually done it, I can actually say, goal. Yeah. And that I actually feel confident we’ve MetPro support, that I really will keep it off.

Now, that doesn’t mean the body isn’t, clever. You forget one day. You forget another day. As you said, you have some sugar, you have some more. Before you know it, the brain is very clever at forgetting it’s switching off, which is why I said at the beginning for me, that scale will be one of my tools to go, ugh.

Oh, you know, and, and I know I, you know, Jessee and I talked about this, about being a couple of pounds below, so I’ve got like a two or three pound window to play with, but let’s just say it starts creeping two or three pounds up. It’s like, okay. For me to never have to ever deal with this ever again and just stay healthy.

And look, I, you know, I’ve, I’m learning maintenance is gonna be interesting for me too because I, obviously I’ve never been there, right? Like, you know, um, I got there maybe, and again, any once before with the 500 calories actually got as low as I did. But, oh God, I can’t imagine how unhealthy I was. But, and then it creeped back up again.

This is going to be a new experience for me of saying I am. I’m not trying to get any lower. But I just wanna maintain and learn what that looks like. Yeah.

Crystal O’Keefe: You know, and before when you were eating 500 calories a day, you were probably also losing muscle mass. And so when you gained it back, you probably were not super focused on when you gained weight back.

You were probably also not simultaneously focused on weight training, which means that you didn’t gain that lean muscle mass. Back.

Rosalyn Arntzen: And so now, it was a long time ago, so I mean, we are talking, when I lived in, in the UK I do remember I would go to the gym and run like a maniac, which again, I’m not even a runner.

Like it was all on this frenetic, like all I can remember, it feels like I was on some kind of mouse wheel, you know? Um, and, and, and as I said, the reason that stands out, I don’t even remember how long it was, how long I kept it off, but. That period of time was, you know, just miserable. Yeah. Like, just you, it plays again into your emotions when you’re not balanced and, and everything else.

And again, I was in my two uh, it would’ve been early thirties when I did that.

Crystal O’Keefe: Well, especially when you’re so happy now. You don’t, you don’t seem like you, like, this doesn’t seem miserable to you. This seems, this seems totally doable and you’re at peace with it.

Rosalyn Arntzen: Absolutely. Absolutely. And, and you know, another thing I’ve learned with MetPro is, and look, I can cook.

There’s no question about it. I don’t have a lot of time to cook, but I can cook, you know? Um, and, you know, we did the whole thing, the home chef thing and all of those, which all, you know, interesting learning stuff. But I was always a little bit about, I don’t know how to cook. Healthy for me, the quantities for me, and it’s like with MetPro, it’s like I can now throw my favorite dinner seriously is some protein.

So chicken or shrimp, um, some mushrooms, some peppers, um, some brown rice. I have a pan that you just keep resetting the scale, so you just add them back in. I add a little bit of water, I boil it down, you know, so it just sort of makes a sauce, add a tiny bit of butter in. Oh my God, it’s delicious, you know, and I can make that in five minutes.

Oh, that’s fabulous. And that’s like my go-to dinner at my house, I made it one night, cuz again, happy eats his own thing most of the time. Um, I made it one night, my shrimp version, which has lemon, lemon pepper in it. And he went, this is like a Otto. And I’m like, let me tell you, it’s, nothing’s nothing like aristo.

There’s no butter, there’s no wine, there’s no, but the way the flavors and taste. And I can have that. I’m, I’m good. You know, so it’s like I, I know my tr treat is the wrong word cuz the dad doesn’t even feel like a treat. When I will splurge, if that’s even the word, is when I go out, because I wanna have my baseline when I’m at home.

Mm-hmm. Now that doesn’t mean if we have friends over or something like that, I wouldn’t do something special. But then, then I’d probably do grilled fish or salmon or something like that anyway. But, you know what I mean? It’s like, um, Going out to me is when, you know, I can try different things because again, I have all these amazing restaurants that right at my doorstep, but at home I can just do my baseline where I feel very comfortable, very balanced, you know, et cetera.

Crystal O’Keefe: So I wonder if there’s anything else that you wanna make sure people know about MetPro? Like is there anything we haven’t touched on you wanted to make sure you had told people about?

Rosalyn Arntzen: Um, I obviously think it’s an amazing program because, um, As you, I think you said it Crystal when you said it meets you where you need to be.

You know, um, and again, I laugh when I think of Jessee going, wow, you do go out a lot. Sorry Jessee, this is my life, so you’re gonna have to help me navigate it. Right. Um, so it’s understanding what you wanna achieve, but at the same time, I see so many people who put those, I need to lose a certain amount by a certain amount of time, or I need to get to somewhere by whether it’s size or weight or whatever, and they put such.

Awful pressure on themselves and to what I’ve learned now is every single pound, you know, I look back at those pictures when I first went to the Peloton studio in 2018, and it’s, it’s good to remind myself, but for me, I cringe as well. You know, I was a, I’m double the size of the instructor I’m standing next to, you know, um, but it doesn’t matter because that was part of my journey and I never wanna forget.

But me has given me those tools that I actually do feel confident. As long as I don’t let the brain, you know, go into its own little brain fog, which would be very happy to do, you know?

Crystal O’Keefe: Yeah. It’s quick to do that, let me tell you.

Rosalyn Arntzen: And it really is, you know, it’s like, um, you just, so in our travel around, around the world, um, we came back with Air France and got upgraded.

Yay. And I ordered a local meal and, um, Let’s just say, no, no, and I’m watching my husband’s got this beautiful French meal and whatever. I go, oh, I want more of that. You know, it’s like God knows what their local meal even was, right? So on the second leg, which was, so the first leg was Singapore to Paris.

Long, long, long flight. And then Paris, back to Samar. I said, no, okay, I’m gonna have the regular meal, but I know what I can have. And so again, had a bite of dessert and I went, that’s good. I’m good and then I remind myself and go again, who are you? Yeah, yeah. You know, cause usually me, you know, gonna have the whole thing.

And so it’s, it’s, I actually have that, that awareness that stop can have the rest of that for lunch tomorrow. You know, or I, whatever, you know, it’s, I, I’ve sort of got those tools now to feel confident. I will maintain this, and then obviously I’m still working with Jessee, but when I decide to go and try, the app for a little while again to know that that support is still there, it’s good to know you’re not just cast a drift, which again, the program that I did back in 2005, Training, diet, psychology, they did all of it.

And then at the end of the program, there you go. There was nothing. Yeah. Yeah. And needless to say, you know, you’re back again, potentially doing it again. And it’s like, well, not only is that not good for you, you know, but at the same time, it’s just, it’s depressing.

Crystal O’Keefe: It is, it is. I mean, you know, you’ve worked very hard.

Like you said, this has been, um, a four-year journey for you. This is not something that you did overnight and so to, to have to. L if you were to have to start all the way over, it would be, I think even harder because you’d be like, oh, it’s another four years. Like, you would know that from the start. And that would be super, super demotivating.

So, uh, and, and, you know, you’re, you’re in your early sixties, like you don’t want to go backwards because the older we get the harder and harder it keeps getting to lose the weight. You’ve done an incredible, amazing job and you’ve been so dedicated. Um, It’s, it’s not, it’s not an easy thing what you have done, and it would, it would really suck to go backwards.

Rosalyn Arntzen: So I’m glad you have the tools. Oh. And it’s like, I almost feel that weight back on me. Yeah. You know, um, we were moving some tiles around because we’re still renovating our place, and each of these boxes of tiles was about 20 pounds. And I’m like, oh God, they’re heavy. Right? And my husband looked at me and he said, at that point I’d lost probably about 80 pounds or something at that point.

And he said, you used to have four of those on you. Wow. And you go, oh my word. Like every time I walked up the stairs, down the stairs, whatever, I did my body. So now what are we talking about? 20 pounds. Um, if I can do the math. Six, seven, yeah. Boxes of 20 pound tiles. Wow. That’s incredible. That’s, that’s like, you go, whoa.

And yet at the time you don’t feel that right. You know?

Crystal O’Keefe: Right. It’s just who you are. You can’t feel it. Yeah. But your body is still taking a toll from it. Well, any of the last words for our listeners?

Rosalyn Arntzen: You know, this is what me has designed works. Now, I’m not saying there probably isn’t other things and everybody has to do what they wanna do for them.

My friend who’s doing intermittent fasting has really lost a lot. So, you know, it’s like, it’s the regularity, it’s the motivation. It’s the fact when you think, well, I’m just one of those people who put on weight, or I’m just one of those people, you know, I can’t have what they can have or whatever it might be.

And again, as I said, I have a husband who. It goes up and down four pounds, you know, in the whole time I’ve known him. Um, and we have our 20th anniversary this year. So it’s like, you know, it is possible to, in what attracted me to MetPro in the first place, hack your metabolism. It really is, it’s, it’s possible to dial those levers to a point where you are as efficient and motivated.

Oh, actually, let me add one other thing. Sorry. Just as we’re finishing. So for me, because when I came to Jessee, I already had the workout. DNA. So she has coached me less on that side, although she’ll sometimes say, I think we should do a little bit more strength. Can you add that in? And of course, I’ve got the tonal, so I haven’t used the MetPro exercises are, they’re there, but I haven’t, and I’ve got the Peloton, so it’s like she just wants me to track what I’m doing and she watches it.

Um, but. Most of her coaching for me has been on the nutrition side because I wanted to learn and understand it and crack it once and for all. Yep. Um, but again, she’s, she’s aware of what I’m doing. Like do some interval stuff, she’ll say, so I go find a tab about a ride or whatever. But the fact again that she was able to say, you don’t need a lot of help on the exercise.

It’s not like I’m getting somebody who’s like, I don’t even know where to start. I need nutrition and I need exercise. I didn’t really need that exercise poaching from her. I just needed her to know what I was doing. So she can factor that in as she’s looking at whatever she’s giving me. Absolutely. Um, So I think, again, it’s that concierge, that approach of, you know, I’ll let you know, I, I did a ride, I did a swim, so you know, I burned off X calories, doing whatever, but it’s data for her.

It’s not something I really need her support on. There’ll be other people who probably come to MetPro and go, I don’t even know where to start. So I need your help to give me the workouts and the programs, and I don’t have something like a Peloton or a tonal to help guide me. So again, it’s that adaptability and that one-on-one that to me is just very unique.

Yeah. You know, um, it’s not a mass one to many. It’s, it’s, um, it’s, it’s very much that one-to-one. And even the time I was on the app. The, uh, the people who answer the questions. So obviously it’s not Jessee, but the people who answer the question still will answer questions for you. Um, which again, so the concierge is still there.

Even with the app, it’s just you don’t have that one-on-one relationship with somebody. You’ve really got to know. You know,

Crystal O’Keefe: I do. I do. Yeah. Those are all excellent points. I’ve, I, uh, I feel like it’s a very good in-depth look at not only your experience but just the overall MetPro offerings. And I, I really appreciate all of your time today, Roz.

Um, absolutely. Before we let you go, it, it let people know where they can find you if you would like to be found.
Rosalyn Arntzen: So Facebook, um, uh, Rosalyn Arntzen, that’s my name. And, um, Instagram Dynamic Ros, which is also my Peloton leaderboard name. Um, the funny thing, of course, when I picked that name was I wasn’t very dynamic, so it was aspirational.

And now I’m like a. Jumping Bean, you know, it’s like, um, so, or an energizer bunny or whatever you wanna call it.

So, dynamic Ros, I got a good leaderboard name right back at the beginning. So that’s Instagram. Really happy to talk to people or help people, um, about what I’ve learned along the way. And, you know, it, it’s about this, this was the last time.

It took me 60 years to get there, but, but you’re there. Yeah, exactly. You’re there. It can take me 90 years to get there, so, you know. That’s right.

Crystal O’Keefe: That is exactly right. And uh, and look how vibrant and wonderful your life is. That’s wonderful. Well, listeners, that is all for this week. You can find all the MetPro Method episodes anywhere that you get podcasts, or you can go to MetPro.co/podcast.

Please be sure to follow and rate and review the show that lets other people know what they can expect. You can also learn more about MetPro@metpro.co. I’m your host, Crystal O’Keefe, and I’ll be back next week. Until then, remember, consistency is key.

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