Everything You Know About Weight Loss Is Wrong

Crack open your average diet book and what do you see? Eat this, not that (actually, the current raft of diet books often advocate something like, “Eat Monday, not Thursday”) but it’s the same, oversimplified idea. Then they spill a lot of ink telling you why their system works. Then they tell you to do it…forever.

Crack open your average diet book and what do you see? Eat this, not that. They spill a lot of ink telling you why their system works. Then they tell you to do it…forever.

Folks, it doesn’t work—you are not like the next person reading that book. Many diets—probably most—work until your metabolism figures out what you’re up to. Then they stop working.

Your Metabolism Is a Moving Target

Your metabolism is a moving target. Its job is to adapt to your environment.

So why should you eat like someone else, and why should you eat the same all the time? The answer is you shouldn’t—not if you want optimal results.

Metabolic Profiling provides an integrated nutritional method that finally closes the door on cookie-cutter diets and provides an evaluation-based system for nutrition planning.

The hardest part of selecting a diet is predicting what method of dieting your body will respond to best. Again, no two people are exactly alike (which may help to explain why so many different—and sometimes contradictory — diet systems exist!) The way you respond to dieting differs in how quickly your metabolism stabilizes after a nutritional shift, and how fast you readjust to foods being reintroduced.

Why Popular Diets Fail

Most popular diets fall short because they lack ongoing evaluation and individualization—they simply require that you (and everyone else reading the diet book!) eat according to a particular plan, more or less forever. Often, these books and experts create unwavering rules that are very difficult to abide by, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Then, if you “fail” on their diet, it’s YOUR fault—not theirs.

The MetPro System takes a different approach. We provide you a system for “periodization”—step-by-step adjustments based on your results from one week to the next. We then give you the green light when you’re on the right track, and provide warning signals when your body isn’t responding optimally— all based on the evaluation of YOUR results—no one else’s.

There’s wiggle room too. During most phases you can have a “cheat meal” now and again—sometimes up to six times a week—more on that later. If you fall off the diet wagon, you can ease yourself back on again. After a period of careful “metabolic reconditioning,” during which time you work your way down to your goal weight, you’ll be able to eat more than when you started—without gaining weight.

Those are big promises I know, so let’s back up a bit.

The Key to Achieving Results is Individualization

What kind of diet is MetPro? Is it a reduced calorie diet? Does it balance hormones? Is it a method of carbohydrate management? The answer is yes—to all of the above. Folded into the MetPro System are several battle-tested weight loss techniques, which combine to produce the best weight loss results possible. It’s a system that allows you to best approximate your starting diet based on individual evaluation—which then evolves, based on your daily progress. Every day you use Metabolic Profiling it adapts using a self-directed method which keeps it compatible with your up-to-the-minute needs.

This evaluative approach lets the numbers do the talking, helping you to understand exactly where your metabolism is and what your next steps are when you reach a plateau. It’s efficient, practical, and easy to comprehend.

Even sluggish metabolisms can be jump-started with the right nutritional strategies (some of which may be unfamiliar—probably because they aren’t in line with the current dieting trends). MetPro will reveal the specific strategies that work best for you by adapting to your needs until you discover your personal Metabolic Profile. Then, the system continues to update your diet through a process of ongoing aptitude tests.

Most people are familiar with tests like these: personality tests, romantic compatibility tests, and career aptitude tests all hone in on particular traits that help to generate a clearer picture of some aspect of who you are. In many ways your unique metabolic blueprint is no different: it’s specific to you, and it can change from one moment to the next. These changes are based not on dogma (“No carbs!”—“No fat!”—“No food after 6!”—“Nothing but tomato juice!”), but on your response to each step.

As you proceed through the MetPro System, you will learn which weight loss strategies work best for you, and you’ll be nudged further in that direction. Over time, your results will prove which approach you respond best to.

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