You can Change Your Habits and Become Your Best Self with Dermot Buffini

Dermot Buffini, CEO of Buffini & Co. and a long-time friend of the MetPro team, is here to tell us how we can become our best selves. He discusses how to define your best self, how to go about making changes, and where to focus your time and energy.

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Welcome to the show. I am joined by Dermot Buffini. Dermot is the CEO of Buffini & Company, the largest business coaching and training company in North America. Dermot, thank you so much for taking the time to join me. I really appreciate it.

Thanks for having me on.

I am so excited to hear your responses to some of these questions that I have lined up for you. I hear that you are an expert in helping people become their best selves. How do you define what a person's best self is and how to help them get there?

I do not know if I am an expert, but I am a guy who tries really hard. I will give you a bit of background. I am the CEO of a coaching company that does this transformation. We have coaches that work with people. The real deal is it is finding out who the person is. It is asking questions, not based on what we think they should do to live their best life. It is your life. You have been with yourself a long time. You have bumped into it. You have seen it. You have experienced. You have also seen the opposite of that. You have also experienced what it does not feel like to live an optimal life. What we are good at is figuring out who the individual is, what excites them, and what their strengths are.

Similar to yourselves, we create a process. In MetPro, it is like, “These foods in this phase based on your body type are going to get your result.” You do not prescribe food to ectomorph the same way as you do an endo or a mesomorph. It is the same thing in our process, it is like, “Who are you as a person? What are your strengths? What gets you excited? What does the good life look like for you in all areas of your life?” We go to work. We prescribe solutions to them. We give them strategies, content, and coaching. It is our clients defining what that means and what that looks like.

First of all, you make that sound very simple. I feel like it is not that simple for people, but that is because the average person does not know how to go through and work through that process. I love that you make it so unique and specific to each individual person as we do at MetPro. Since all of us are a little bit different, we approach what we see as our life, the good life as you call it, is different. How do you go about helping people make the changes? Is there a written plan? Is there something you check in on?

The process is someone coming to us. There are three areas. In our business, we help small business owners make a living and not only just grow their business but make sure that they do not get owned by their business. It is the same way as a mom that had three kids. Who owns the mom? Is the mom directing the kids or are the kids in charge of the mom and the life? A lot of times, we are in the spin cycle of life. When we work with somebody, we go, “It is time to take a pause. What is it that you are trying to do? Who are you? What are you trying to do? What does success look like for you?”

There are three areas. Number one, “What are some of these goals?” A lot of people are like, “I do not know what my goals are because I have been in the spin cycle.” “What do you want?” “I do not know what I want. I have been in the spin cycle. I am just trying to stay alive. I am just trying to keep my head above water.” Here is a real start, “What do you not want?” When you ask people what they do not want, “I do not want to be spending more than I am making. I do not want to be missing my kid’s baseball game. I do not want to be missing my workouts. I do not want to be eating crap food. I do not want to be drinking as much as I am drinking.”

The answers start coming free then, whenever you say what you do not want.

We say, “What is the opposite of that then?” “I want to get healthy. I want to reduce my alcohol intake. I want to put myself on a budget, but I do not know how to. I want to save money. I do not want to keep going to work and then wondering where my money went. I want to make time in my life for the most important things.” “What does that mean? Let me see your calendar and your checkbook. If I see those two things, I can see where you spend your time and money,” then we can say, “Where you are spending your time and your money, is that what you value? Is that what you want in your life?”

There is a little analysis there. With the business, it is like, “What business are you in? What are your goals? What is your timeline?” We get that dialed in then do an evaluation and we say, “Where are you in the process? Are you in survival? Are you in stability? Are you in success?” “I do not know.” “Let’s pause that for a second.” The second thing we do is know the person. We do a profile. It is called Real Strengths.

This is mine. I take a profile and these are all my gifts, attributes, abilities, how I see time, and how I communicate. It allows me to take an individual and go, “Dermot, we are going to have you utilize these strengths to achieve those goals. Some of your attributes might not be working so well for you right now, so we are going to put these aside for the time being and pause them because they are not helping you.” The third part is we are not one-dimensional. Why do people go to work?

To make money, to be able to live their life.

What happens to most people?

They end up working so much or trying to always make more money. They keep going in a cycle and do not get to enjoy life.

The third part is we have people do an evaluation of their life. This may not be easy to see, but there are five areas of someone’s life. There is a spiritual component in our life. For some people, that can be working out. For me, it is going to church and reading the Bible. For other people, it could be eating yogurt under a rock. I have no idea. You know when you are at peace and you feel like you’re breathing. It could be looking at a sunset. It could be going for a workout. It could be whatever. There is the personal aspect. It is like, “What is it that brings me joy as a person? What are the things that I am good at and I enjoy doing? I like reading. I like to work out. I like to vacation.”

There is a family component. There is a family circle. “I got two kids. I have got a 19-year-old and I got a 15-year-old. I got to get them in here and make sure I am making time for them.” “What family experiences are we having right now? What are we doing for Thanksgiving?” “Let’s not worry about it right now. I am trying to keep up at work.” “Let’s plan for November. Let’s plan for December.” I have my financial circle and my business circle. We try and do an evaluation to say, “How are you doing in each area? Do an inventory. Is there nothing going on in the spiritual area? Let’s just do a zero.”

Crystal, what would you like to see happen in there? We are not trying to go from 0 to 10. It is too far. It is too much. It is overwhelming. Let’s do one thing this week that will make you feel like, “I caught a breath. I saw a sunset. I did a hike.” This is the plan. We come back to step number one. We go, “What are your goals?” When you go to work, why are you going to work? What is happening with it? How does it positively or negatively impact each area of your life?

We are doing an inventory over here of what you really want. What is the desire of your heart? We are doing an honest evaluation going, “That is not where you are.” One of the things I love and hate about MetPro is the fact that you have to do two things. You have got to track the reality of, “I am doing fine. I do not think I have that much.” That is fantastic. Step on the scales in the morning and you let us know.”

You were met with reality, good or bad.

I have the Irish-made scales. It changes every day. I think there is something wrong with it. No problem, I get you. I hear you. What else do we need to do at MetPro? You need to plan and prepare. You need a process. You need a system. You need a guide. You need somebody who understands, are you an endo, an ecto, or a meso? It is the same way for us. Who are you as a person? Let’s prescribe solutions to make this happen. What is the next thing we have to do? We got to do meal prep. We want you to have already made the choice before you get conflicted with bad choices.

This is why when we get your calendar and money, you get your checkbook and your budget. We are telling your money and your time where to go rather than wondering where it went. That is the process. Everybody starts from a different place. Some people are on fire in certain circles. They have another circle over here where it is dead. There is nothing going on there. They have not been exposed to it. There is nothing like seeing somebody who has a little bit of something going on in every area. There are times when we are losing in one area of our life. It could be financially, it could be physically, or it could be you are going through a divorce. That one area can make you feel like your whole life is not going well.

The truth of the matter is when we work with folks, a lot of times, they are doing an awful lot better than they know. They are making progress. They might not think that putting your kids down to sleep every night, reading them a story, and spending time with them, “That is just what I am supposed to do.” That is a win. We are going to take that as a win. Where you are winning from, we want to make sure that is exposed. As you are waiting for the weight to come off at MetPro, you are working out. You are drinking the water. You are eating the right stuff. If you keep doing that, this is going to catch up to you.

It is the same way with us. When we are coaching somebody in their business, it is like, “You might not have the financial reward yet, but we are going to get you to keep doing these activities. Keep serving your customers. Keep doing a great job. Do more than they asked you to do. You are going to get more referrals from them. You are going to get more business. You are going to stand out. You stay faithful with the activities. Watch the results you are going to get.” That is our process. The truth of the matter is this. America is a great and difficult country because we play the game of comparison. You can be successful here and feel like you are failing.

Do you think that is because people define success differently, they do not count their wins or a combination of the two?

It is a combination of all of that. It is a combination of what winning looks like for you as opposed to the game of comparison. They say, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” The other side is you could be comparing yourself to somebody who flew into Chico on a private jet. They own half of Chico, but their family life is a disaster. You do not know that. You are just looking at the outside picture. If you have got to look at their five circles, you would go, “Not for all the money in the world would I want that.”

The side of it is, “I happen to believe that Crystal O'Keefe was made by God with very specific talents and gifts. They might be very different than Dermot Buffini.” I would not make a great Crystal O'Keefe, that is for sure. I do not know if you would make a better Dermot Buffini, that is possible. What does success look like for you? What are the gifts and talents you have? Are you using them? Are you playing with them? Are you living in them? Are you sharing them? Are you lifting other people up? You are fully alive as a human being.

When you are in that spot, people are like, “What are you doing?” Do you know what I am doing? I am being myself. I am defining what success is. In our coaching program, we have somebody who makes $60,000 a year. They might be a stay-at-home mom who is in real estate and wants to do a few deals. All of the other circles are on fire and they go, “That $60,000 would be a win for me. It would be fun for me.” You are like, “That is our goal.” We have people making $6.5 million, $7 million a year. That is the range.

Who is more successful? It depends on what you are talking about. It depends on what you are comparing it against. If it is the person’s goal and that is going to, “That is $6.5 million a year. I also want these things.” When you dig down with people, they do want these things. A lot of times, they can find their identity in the fact that they make that amount of money. They confuse who they are with what they have.

Can you give an example?

You just have to look around at the Hollywood crowd. You have to look around this world and the tropics. How many people do we know who are our gazillionaires and miserable? They are rich, but they are not wealthy. They are rich on paper. They have financial gain, but they are not wealthy in friendships. They are not wealthy in health. They are not wealthy in their peace. At the end of the day, what does success look like for you? Our goal is to say, “Let’s come up with a plan to make that happen.”

When you get there, it is like, “Now what do you want to do?” We tackled one area here. You got personally healthy. You did not know that your personal health was getting in the way of your business because you could not work and see customers. You could not X, Y, and Z. We took care of your personal health. You are showing up with energy and vibrance. You are not in physical pain or emotional pain. The other areas start to expand. There is no great mystery, but I do know this. America is also a tough place because the lie is you can be anything you want to be. It is not true.

How does that reconcile with somebody who has a goal? Do you have to tell people, “That goal is not realistic based on your inventory,” or do you mean something different?

It is by asking great questions. Have you ever watched American Idol?


What is the best part about that show?

It is seeing how they respond to being pushed and watching their transformation over time.

What is the thing that people used to laugh at about American Idol and it was cringy to watch?

Sometimes the bad performances that come on.

The people that go on there may be tone-deaf. They just do not know it. They may think they are singing like Pavarotti up there, but you are like, “No.” It is good TV, but it is sad because somebody has a perspective of who they are. Unfortunately, maybe somebody did not tell them, a parent, a brother, or a sister to say, “Honey, that is not you. I know you love singing and that is great, but the reality is nobody is going to be making a record.” I am not going to play in the NBA anytime soon. I am under six feet. There are people whose God-given design is to play in that.

Our job is to help people just be like, “You are an awesome one of these.” Why play the game of comparison? It is not killing somebody’s ambition or goal. It is going, “We can explore that. However, maybe you are more suited to this.” There are a lot of people here who are in the wrong job. It is like, “I am doing it for money, but it does not fire me up. It does not get me excited.” Where did they get a chance to explore that? That is where it takes time to do that.

At the end of the day, you can be a great one of you, an amazing one of you. Each person has the ability to be an incredible me based on how I am designed, my gifts, and my talents. The hard part is, are you going to do the work to remove the roadblocks that get in your own way? Can you be honest enough with yourself in a way that it is not a shameful exercise? It is like, “I was listening to me singing the other day and it was not very good,” and be able to laugh about it. What we do is help clients become good at who they are.

How did you decide being a coach and a CEO was the right thing for you then?

For me, everything I have done, and I do not know about you, sometimes some people plan out their futures and I did not. I am not one of those people. I wanted to be a professional soccer player. I grew up in Ireland. I had trials to go over and try out for clubs in England. I broke a disc in my back at fifteen. That was not going to happen. I was offered scholarships and I was the opportunity to come over here to a couple of colleges. They said two things. One is, “We do not have a scholarship until the following year, but we need you to do two things. Go earn some money, so you will have some money in your pocket when you get here.” Number two is, “Put on a little weight.” Nobody has ever said this to me since.

That is where Angelo was like, “Do not put on a little weight. We do not need you to do that.” I am excelling in that area. While waiting to go on a soccer scholarship, I got into selling shoes. I went to work at a shoe store and I started selling shoes. I was like, “I like this. I like serving people. I like them coming in.” I got into a career of like, “I like this. I do not know if I want to go and play soccer in America.” I went from there into financial services, which meant selling insurance door-to-door. I went from retail sales where somebody comes in and you serve them. I went to knocking on doors to try and sell insurance, and then I went into the transportation business.

While that was all going on, my brother had started this business over here because he had been a successful realtor. He tried cold calling and door knocking, all those things that you love people to do to you. You are like, “Honey, I will be with you in a second. I get to talk to a cold caller right now.” He was like, “This is not how I want to do business. This is not how I was raised to do business. I want to do business by providing value.”

My brother started doing that in real estate. People were like, “I like how you operate. You take care of me.” While he was doing that and I was doing this, learning business, sales, operations, and how to run a business. He was over here doing and also teaching people in real estate how we did business in a way. He could make money. He could save money. He could go to church. He could take care of himself. He could take care of his family.

He started building out a blueprint for this and coaching people in this process. We started hiring people to coach people in this process. I came over and we expanded. Three million people later, here we are. That is way more information than you need to know, but the lesson for me is when I am coaching people, all of my history has helped me to have a profound understanding of the people that I am working with to go, “I know where you are and what that is like.”

I have learned some things and we have learned some things. We have organized certain ways, templates, and content to be able to simplify where you are at so you can get where you want to go. That is a bit of history, but in the same way, as when we are talking to somebody and I start talking to Crystal, I am coaching somebody. They are the things I am looking for in your story.

“Tell me what you want in life. Tell me somewhere it was hard. Tell me something you overcame. Tell me the best and the hardest parts you know about yourself, and let’s start creating a future around the best. When you get in trouble and you want to start getting in your own way, we can just lovingly get those out of your way.”

Do you ever have people that you are coaching or somebody else in your company is coaching that it is difficult for them to open up in that way and to share those things with you? Is that hard for some people?

Of course, and like anything, it is a relationship. It’s like you and me. We are having a chat. First of all, you got to build rapport with people. A lot of times, people are referred to Buffini & Company, the same way they are referred to MetPro. When you are referred to somebody, you come in at this level. Somebody goes, “What happened to you?” “I did MetPro.” “What is that?” It’s the same way in Buffini & Company, “What is going on in you? I see your life has changed. You look happy. You look like you have got money.” People refer people in and then that is how we get our customers. That is how they find out, but our customers are our story. Our customers are our results. Our customers are our mission. Our mission is to impact and improve their lives.

If we do not do that in a positive way, then we should not have them and the next people as a customer. It is a journey, too. I am pretty sure MetPro coaches have a similar experience. When somebody comes to them, they want to lose a few pounds. They want to get fit. As they are working through the process, somebody starts telling them something that was a little bit more personal than the first time that they talked. They might be like, “I am on prescription medication and it has become a problem. I am dealing with an abusive marriage. My kid is struggling right now.”

That is why you go to the fridge. That is why you go to this. It is the same thing in our business. It is an intimate relationship. It is holy ground because you are inviting me into your world to improve your life, which takes a tremendous amount of humility, vulnerability, and trust on your part. If you are doing that with the right people, they will know that. They will work at your speed and your pace. They might suspect there is something else going on, but they have to keep serving you in a way. When Crystal feels safe enough to open up about that, that will be based on some rapport and relationship that is being developed and some results. It is not a quick process.

Sometimes it is. Sometimes people come in and they are hearing all this. It just takes a bit of time, when you start looking at people beyond their finances and their business, we go, “What is happening up here, Crystal? What do you wish is happening up here?” 9 times out of 10, people are like, “I have not thought about that in years.” It starts conversations.

It starts, “Let me tell you why I do not go to church. It’s because some idiot was hitting me over the head with a Bible ten years ago, shaming me for whatever it is.” We all have a history, good, bad, or indifferent. It takes time. It is the same way as we tell people, “If you get rich quick, you will get poor quick.” You can get rich fast. You can lose weight quickly. You can lose weight fast. What does that mean? If we lose two pounds a week for the next 10 weeks in a healthy way, those 20 pounds are going to stay off.

If you lose it fast, the twenty pounds is coming back with some friends. You have not gone through the process of preparing your body for a routine that it can depend on that it is safely done in a way that you get the healthy results. That is what we want. We want healthy growth, healthy people, healthy lives, and healthy finances.

For people who are reading, who are like, “I want to see if I can do any of this myself.” They want to try this process. Are there any steps they can take to walk through this on their own at home or some of it to get started?

Start paying attention to what is going on. “What am I doing today? Where am I spending my time? Where am I spending my money? Is that where I want to spend my time?” Candidly, I am ruthless about where I spend my time.

Do you have to say no sometimes?

I say no all the time. I say no because I know what I am saying yes to. There are people I know from my past, family members, and friends that are toxic people. I am not that type of person. I am patient. I am gracious. I like people. It gets to the point where you are like, “No more because I have got stuff to do. There is no room for that in here.” What has taken up that space? Let’s be honest. People are eating too much, drinking too much, and watching too much news and social media. I get it, but you got to do an inventory and then go, “Is that why my life sucks?” What are you reading? What do you watch? What are you listening to?

There are a lot of people we spoke to in the last few years. They became experts on COVID. I was like, “Let me ask you this. Have any of the major news channels reached out to you and asked for your opinion on COVID?” “No.” “Do you make a living from it?” “No.” “I would suggest you get back to doing your business.” People became political pundits. There are a lot of those. All it is doing is polarizing people and taking them apart from each other.

In actual fact, you realize, “Here is what I want to do. Every four years, I am going to get this piece of paper and I am going to vote for somebody. I am going to put it in the box. I do not have to deal with it again for another four years. I have done my job. I am going to get back to living the good life. I am going to get back to doing the things I cannot control. I am going to get back to doing the things I love with the people that I love with the short time I have on this earth.”

Do an evaluation and have fun with it. It is okay. We all end up in a funky place sometimes. There is one thing worse than seeing somebody dwelling in their past. It is somebody who is dwelling on their success and they have nothing to support it. They are going to be lonely. They are going to win all the trophies, but nobody is going to be with them to enjoy them from the shell of this human being on the planet. I love to see people come back into forming who they are at their best. You can get the ball rolling by making a decision and saying, “What am I not willing to accept anymore?” Start exploring it, being curious, and learning to listen. Talk to yourself rather than listen to yourself.

Journaling, get out of your head, get out of your heart, spend some time, and take a breath. Here is the good news. When you start this journey, you will find that there are more people out there who can help you than you ever imagined. You will start looking and going, “I see Crystal. She seems happy. She seems healthy. She goes on these great vacations. I might take her to lunch.” Say, “I noticed that you are great at this. I noticed you are a great mom. How do you manage to do that?” “I do not know if I am a great mom, but here is how I approach it.”

Everything is around us. It is right under our noses most of the time. A lot of times, you cannot see it because we are caught up in the stuff and the drama. It is a matter of breaking that sequence. There are great books. There is no problem that you are dealing with in any area of your life that somebody has not already overcome.

When we do not take that approach from a place of enthusiasm, learning, and curiosity, we become a victim. We become the pity party. We become, “Nobody understands. This always happens to me.” We start to shrink and that is a choice. You have more power than you know. You can make a decision that is a little decision that can change your life. This is true. This sounds so remedial. I know a guy who is a multimillionaire. When we started coaching him, he made one decision. That decision was going to floss his teeth every day.

How did that lead to more?

It got him momentum. He hated doing this. He was always punished for not doing it. It was a bad thing. He did not create the habits. Every time he left in the morning, he was like, “I did not do it again. I am a loser.” That little thing led to the next thing of saying, “I am a loser. I did not do that, too. I did not do this.” When he got the little thing done first thing in the day, he is like, “I got that done. What is next?” Positive action leads to motivation. Motivation is temporary. You can get somebody who is motivated and excited. All you got is a motivated idiot.

It is inward action that motivates you and propels you forward. It could be making your bed. It could be breathing for two minutes. It could be taking a nap. It could be something that you are like, “I am going to get that little thing done.”

You start little. You can start doing a lot of little things and over time, you make huge progress. One little thing every day in every area, not done in a perfect way, will change your life. It will not even just change your life. It will change those people around you because they will start going, “What is Crystal doing? What is she taking? Why is she smiling? Why is she happy? Why is she excited? Why won’t you talk to me about COVID? Why is she not talking about the Republicans and the Democrats? Why is she not?” “I have got stuff to do.”

That is how simple it is, but do not compare your life to anybody else’s. You become your own coach. You know you. You know the good, the bad, the stuff you wish nobody would ever find out, and the stuff that somebody said to you that put you down. It is like, “it is back there. That is gone. I am flushing that toilet. I am going to start a new life. I am going to have a new vision. I am going to get excited again.” That is why when you do this, there is going to be an area in your life that is going to try and hold you back. It is going to tell you why you should not try. It is going to be like, “Do not give me that. You have done that before.” Eventually, I am going to change that circle, but I am going to keep flossing my teeth over here until stuff changes.

That is the process, but there is a lot of help. There are people who can help you. There are mentors. There are people reading this who would be phenomenal mentors. If you want to change your health, make the investment in yourself, and get a MetPro coach. Your health will change. Your energy will change. You will feel better about yourself. You will find a whole wardrobe that you paid for years ago. Every little bit of improvement that you make in every area is an investment in you. You need to make those investments because nobody else will do it for you.

It is what I find with MetPro. I have seen lives transform. It is why I have referred it to people. That is how MetPro works. It does the job it is supposed to do, but it does more than just help people lose weight. It counsels people. It walks them through it and holds their hand. We do the same in the small business world. We coach doctors, dentists, realtors, lenders, and teenagers. We have coached movie producers and sports athletes because they are trying to figure something out.

What do you do when someone has a setback?

That is part of the process.

It is normal. Everybody has those.

You are going to have them and some of them are self-reflective. Most of them are. At the end of the day, a realistic, mature approach to things. Let’s look around. Is there anything in life that is true, good, and worthwhile that does not involve setbacks? Is there an inspiring story that does not have setbacks? Somebody said, “A setback is a setup for a comeback.” When I have a setback, I pause and I do not take it personally. I go, “What am I being taught? Why is that happening? What was left out? What did I miss?” Sometimes you are in the wrong season looking for the wrong result. When you plant the seed, you better know what seed it is, and then you better plant it in the right soil.

First of all, it goes backward. It goes down. The roots go down because it has to harness itself. It has to have a solid foundation in preparation for what is about to happen, which is growth. Somebody who knows the process is like, “After the seed, we got to water it. We got to have sunlight. We have to wait until that seed becomes in harvest and bears fruits.” The fruit is delicious and wonderful. The next thing that happens is sometimes that fruit or that tree has to be pruned to give away for new growth.

It is the same with kids. Do kids have setbacks? Yes. The best thing for kids is to learn how to overcome those things themselves. None of us, as parents, want to see that because we do not want to see our kids suffer, but the suffering is where the growth is, and then going, “I do not know you very well, but I know you have overcome setbacks and disappointments in your life. Congratulations because here is what I know about you. The next ones that come, you are going to be able to overcome them, too. It will still feel as overwhelming and as, ‘I do not know if I can do this,’ as the little one that you did a long time ago.” It is part of growth. Our mindset has to be, “I must be doing something. I must be in motion.” It’s part of the deal.

Is there anything else that we should make sure people know about how to become their best selves?

Know that you can be if you choose to be. People come to me and say, “Why do I need a coach?” I am like, “I have no idea.” “Why should you coach me?” I am like, “I have no idea. Are you coachable? Would you receive it? Would you allow it to happen? Are you ready? Are you open to us? Are you just looking for a short-term deal? If you are looking for a short-term deal, have a steak. Have a bowl of ice cream. Are you serious about transforming your life? Let’s go.” Know that you can. Maybe you will not be a billionaire. Maybe you will not have a private jet. Maybe you are like, “That is not what I want.”

What do you want? If you do not know what you want, that is fine. Start with what you do not want and then write opposite, “I want to have a great relationship. I want to have a world-class relationship with my husband or my wife. I want to look at my kids and not treat them all the same way, try, and raise them all the same way. I am going to sit down with Johnny, Jack, and Kate, and I am going to see what is important to them. I am going to take the time to do it. I am sick of not having money.” Let’s get a budget. “I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.” “Get a MetPro coach, start eating some good food, and start working a little bit. It all counts.”

Know that there is all this help out there if you slow down and receive it. Here is what happens, which is the greatest thing of all time. When you go through this process, you will be a person of influence. You will be an example. You will have the opportunity to free people from their pain and their past and say, “You can do it because I did this. It is going to be tough and there are going to be setbacks. I did it by flossing one tooth at a time, as ridiculous as that sounds.”

Believe it is possible. It is not easy, but it is worthwhile. The outcome is not the result. The outcome is not the end of the story. The story is, “I became more of a person. I grew as a person in each area. Now I am a person that is fully alive. I have a lot of love, a lot of joy, a lot of peace, and a lot of patience. I am a faithful person. I have got some grit.” That is a person I want to hang out with.

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful advice and your time. If folks want to know more about what it is that you do, can you give them some information or a place to go that they could find out more?

They can do three things. One is if you want, you can email me at If you have got a question, I can point you in the direction where there might be an answer. If you want to check us out as a company, go to If you do not want to do either of those two things and just want to listen to some good stuff, my brother does a podcast every week. It is called It’s a Good Life by Brian Buffini. It is free and you will hear some great information on this that will help you start thinking about the process, get the wheels turning, inspire you and encourage you right where you are. That is what you can do.

Thank you so much. I appreciate your time. Readers, that is all for this episode. You can find all of The MetPro Method episodes anywhere you get podcasts or you can go to Please be sure to follow the show, and rate and review because that lets other people know what they can expect. You can also learn more about MetPro at I will be back next time. Until then, remember, consistency is key.

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