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Key Strategies Successful Business Leaders Use to Manage Work-Life Balance

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Key Strategies Successful Business Leaders Use to Manage Work-Life Balance

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Key Strategies Successful Business Leaders Use to Manage Work-Life Balance

By: Angelo Poli, Founder of MetPro

As a health and wellness coach, I hear recurring statements and mantras from my clients, such as:

“My setbacks are my motivation.”
“Stay focused.”
“I’m willing to put in the hours.”
“No one is going to outperform me.”

The irony is that these sayings aren’t just quoted by my clients who are athletes, I also hear them from my executive and entrepreneurial clientele as well. The same part of our brain is at work whether we’re competing for business or touchdowns. The truth is, I know countless businessmen and women who work every bit as hard as professional athletes. In fact, there are distinct parallels between winning on the field and succeeding as a business leader.

As an athlete, to achieve peak performance you need to focus on implementing a strategy centered around your training and nutrition. Understanding the levers you have available to push beyond your physical limits is a balancing act. As an entrepreneur, similar sacrifices and processes apply. Health is a commodity and placing a high value on it is critical. Decision-making, research, education, and strategy are all key components to cultivate a life of balance – regardless of occupation.

Successfully balancing your fitness, health, and business is hard work and hinges on executing practical strategies. Here are four areas of life that every professional has to balance, including key strategies successful business leaders use to manage them:

1. At the Office

Are you known for being just as diligent with your fitness and nutrition as you are with budgets and deadlines? Top executives who successfully balance health and business are known for making personal fitness a priority.

Here are their strategies:

  • Their exercise is on the calendar (just like any other appointment) and not easily pushed aside.
  • They don’t take lunch meetings just anywhere – they’re particular about where they eat.
  • They stock healthy foods the same way as they would any other office supplies.
  • They make self-care a known (and respected) part of their schedule.

By taking care of themselves they set a positive example for their co-workers and/or employees.

2. On the Road

Leaving town is not an excuse. Business leaders who’ve mastered the art of work-life balance understand that your strategies have to withstand any change within your environment.

Here are their strategies:

  • They book hotels that have an exercise room.
  • They abbreviate (not eliminate) exercise while traveling.
  • They stay places that feature an in-room mini fridge.
  • They plan enough time to make their first stop at a grocery store to purchase healthy snacks to keep in their room.
  • They check the room service menu for healthy choices or they ask the hotel staff to recommend quality dining options that are nearby.
  • They pack simple (low perishable) snacks that travel well.

3. With Family and Friends

There is a strong correlation between practicing effective self-care outside the office and the positive impact it can have on your business practices. Those who successfully balance health and business plan quality time undistracted from work when possible.

Here are their strategies:

  • They look for group activities that don’t shy away from getting outdoors or being active.
  • They make time to sit down for meals a part of their quality time together.
  • They don’t show up to their friend’s home empty-handed…instead, they bring a healthy dish (or less damaging beverage).
  • They go out for dessert instead of bringing it home where it can linger.
  • They maintain a relatively “junk free” zone in their own home to teach their children healthy eating habits.
  • They don’t use time with their friends as an excuse for excess either.

4. Day-to-Day

It’s no secret that creating a successful company or product doesn’t happen overnight. It takes strategy, time, and patience. For those who have prioritized their health as part of their business strategy understand that it must be integrated into their daily routine.

Here are their strategies:

  • They plan in advance for breakfast and snacks.
  • They have a regular exercise routine.
  • They set short-term goals around their fitness.
  • They adopt the mindset of placing a high priority on their health.
  • They know of healthy restaurants near their home and office.
  • They recognize the most important ingredient in self-care is time-management and commitment.
  • They can generally tell you what they’ll be eating and where they will be training a day in advance – because they’ve already planned for it.
  • They avoid drinking their calories.
  • They eat fruits and veggies, order healthy dressings, are mindful of sugar, and have a regular bedtime.
  • They’re honest in evaluating their own health and fitness habits. When they back-slide, they’re quick to correct course and are willing to seek help when needed.

The idea that in order to be successful in business you must put in long hours, hustle, and sacrifice your health and well-being is a practice that needs to be revived. Business doesn’t have to create a divide between obtaining your professional goals and living a healthy lifestyle. What we must focus on is creating a life of balance where we merge all aspects of our lives and implement strategies centered around our well-being.

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