"MetPro is very educational. It teaches you how to eat properly, and to get your body working at its best. It's the only thing out there, that I've tried, that has truly changed my body."

Sonia O's Story

Prior to MetPro, Sonia lived a very active and health conscious lifestyle. She followed a healthy diet, and between keeping up with her kids and CrossFit training five times a week, she incorporated ample exercise into her daily routine. Between these preconceived healthy habits, she wondered why she was not at her goal weight, and why was she not developing the muscle definition she desired.

When Sonia and her MetPro Coach had their first consultation, Sonia's MetPro coach explained to Sonia that her health and exercise habits weren't wrong per say, but that her body had adapted to her routine and it was time to switch things up and revamp her metabolism. After joining MetPro, I realized that my nutrition paired with the workouts I was doing did not coincide with each other. I felt that I was working out so much, but I needed more guidance about proper nutrition for me and my body, says Sonia.

Putting an End to Preconceived Notions
With a customized strategy in place, Sonia started to see results. Finally, at five years of consistent fitness efforts, she felt that all her hard work in CrossFit was paying off. I couldn't believe how quickly my body changed - physically, but not only that, I just felt so much better! I had more energy, I slept at night really well... and I was eating more, which is the crazy part! says, Sonia.

In the beginning, Sonia's goal was to lose weight, but over time her MetPro coaches helped her understand that often what the scale says does not correlate with how your body has changed or how you feel. Once Sonia started to see the changes and realized that the weight didn't associate with how her body looked, her perception about weight and muscle development changed completely: I see the photos now and I can't believe the drastic change, it was so fast. It wasn't so much about the weight anymore, it was about getting leaner... and I had abs! I've never had abs, even before kids! says, Sonia.

Achieving Sustainable Results
Sonia attributes her success to MetPro's supportive coaching staff. Even when she was on vacation with her family, her fitness coach provided workouts that were accessible from her hotel room. They are so well versed in their specialties, and they were always there whenever I needed them. MetPro is the right answer for everybody.

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