"MetPro helps you to bust through the barriers that are holding you back. I feel that they really individualize the recommendation and help you personalize your goal."

Mary Y's Story

Prior to MetPro, Mary lived a moderately healthy lifestyle. She has been weight lifting for almost 11 years, never ate processed foods, and exercised 5-6 times per week. After having her second baby, and over the course of three years, she was able to lose 30 pounds slowly and steadily without a formal program. It wasn't too long before Mary realized that her current fitness and nutrition regimen had stalled. She became frustrated with the process. She felt that she was doing everything she could to build muscle and lose weight, yet she wasn’t seeing the results she had been working so hard to achieve. Mary decided that she needed something to take her health to the next level.

When Mary joined MetPro she saw immediate results. In just a few months, Mary lost 20 pounds and about 5% body fat – the same amount that she had lost in 3 years. With the support of her Nutrition Coach Natalie, Mary was amazed by how quickly her body responded to intentional nutrition and fitness. “My nutritionist Natalie was amazing! I felt that I could contact her at any point in time. If I ever ate out at a restaurant, I would tell Natalie and ask her what I should order, and she would recommend things that I necessarily wouldn't consider eating. I already know a lot about Nutrition, but MetPro has changed any preconceived perceptions I may have had,” said Mary.

The Key to Success is to Plan, and Plan Again
Mary attributes her success on MetPro to planning ahead. As a busy physician and mom of two young children, preparing her meals ahead of time helped keep Mary accountable. With her meal plan in-app, and her Nutrition Coach available to answer any questions, Mary had no problem integrating her personalized nutrition strategy into her busy lifestyle. “MetPro helps you to bust through the barriers that are holding you back. I feel that they really individualize the recommendation and help you personalize your goal,” says Mary.

Whether she has an early meeting or is traveling, Mary makes sure her snacks, meals and workouts are planned accordingly. Like most busy professionals, some weeks her schedule varies, she may have a meeting earlier or might be traveling. Regardless of her schedule, Mary figures out in advance what her day consists of, what she will be eating, and when she will exercise. From packing her gym bag and meals the night before to planning when to exercise – either before or after work – these may seem like small actions but are in fact the habits that differentiate a diet from a lifestyle.

Tracking and Adapting
One piece Mary loves most about MetPro is that it's not about calorie restriction. Because MetPro is about meeting macronutrient ratios and eating every two to three hours, Mary feels that the frequent eating with specific macronutrient ratios – specific amounts of carbs, protein, and fat at each meal – and fueling your metabolism frequently, every two hours, really accounts for tremendous progress. "It’s astonishing to me how quickly I've lost the weight.” says, Mary.

A critical tool that Mary believes was a viable solution to her achieving her goals is MetPro’s app. She enjoyed how the app helped keep her accountable by allowing her to see how closely she was following her nutrition plan. “I realized that I didn’t have to be 100% perfect, 100% of the time. The app helps me keep track of my reliability and accuracy, so if I ate all my meals and didn’t stray outside of the app’s recommended meals for the phase I was on, it would show 100% adherence. For me personally, if I am 70-80% accurate I still saw phenomenal results.” says, Mary.

Through the app's friendly usability and the wide selection of foods available for each meal, meal planning and staying on track is simple to do. Another tool that Mary enjoyed was MetPro’s workout section of the app, which encompasses a variety of activities from bodyweight exercises to advanced weighted exercises. “The app is the perfect blend of nutrition and exercise. That's really what you need to get tremendous results in a short amount of time – you need spot-on nutrition and high-intensity intervals with weight lifting. For my success, that's really important.” says, Mary.

A Sustainable Lifestyle – Not A Fad Diet
In a 6 month period, Mary lost 20 pounds and gained 4-5 pounds of lean body mass – and she is not stopping anytime soon. Even for someone as knowledgeable as Mary, MetPro’s outside-the-box approach with an unbound attitude towards practical problem solving, resourcefulness, and use of technology, not only helped Mary develop a new understanding of her metabolism, but it also gave her the specific steps she needed to stay progressive for her metabolism and body type.

MetPro is not a diet, this is a lifestyle.... for everyone. I feel like the healthy habits I've learned with exercise and eating are things I am gonna be doing for the rest of my life and it's going to be absolutely no problem maintaining this weight. – Mary Y.

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