"The way MetPro integrates into your life and teaches you how to manage all of those pieces is a huge game-changer."

Mary P's Story

What was it about MetPro that intrigued you?

Mary: Their Metabolic Profiling sounded different from the one-size-fits-all programs out there. I haven't been a hardcore dieter, but I used to be very active and didn't really have to worry about it. Now it's 12 hour days at my desk.

MetPro seemed like it was more catered to each individual. And I've realized over time, that due to my job being stressful, I have to stick to something very structured or else it's just not going to work.

Were you skeptical about what MetPro was, or if this was going to work for you?

Mary: Yeah, I was very skeptical, even to the point where the first couple of weeks of the program I was still unsure. I was like, “what have I done? I've committed all of this money and time to something. Is this going to work differently?”

I had looked into it, but kind of just made the leap. I was eating all this food and they said it's gonna work, but I was kind of negative for the first couple of weeks. It wasn't long though until I saw results and started learning more, and realized that it’s about changing my habits as well. The whole process started to make more sense––gradually raising my food intake and then dropping it. That whole system was foreign to me. I don't know of any other plans that do that, but it makes a lot of sense and it works! I haven't felt this good in a while. I'm not tired after a meal and I have the energy to be active, which is perfect!

What kind of results have you seen thus far with MetPro?

Mary: The energy is one of the biggest things. When I started, I did a test mile run just to get a baseline. I started jogging and my feet hurt. My legs hurt. Everything was hurting. That was the first time I realized I'm very out of shape. I expected to get winded, but this was a whole different journey.

Now, I'm running three miles! And I am able to do that consistently. It’s been nice to see that change. And my clothes are definitely fitting better! I've also lost 18 pounds at this point.

What do you think the biggest lessons have been that you've learned during this experience?

Mary: I think it's really about taking a step back and realizing it's not about counting calories, but learning the macro breakdown and building your meal with a fat, a carb and a protein, this way helped put it into perspective. That's been one of the biggest takeaways for me is once you kind of learn the basics of it. Early on, it was a lot of energy to put together a meal that fit these pieces, but once you kind of learn what that looks like it's very easy to put it together. And even if it's food dining out or if you go to someone's house, you can still put together a meal that's on plan fairly easily.?

I've also learned a few things along the way of how my body reacts to certain foods. Since cheese is allowable on plan, I was doing a lot of snacks with nuts and grapes and cheese, cause it felt like a little charcuterie board. And I'm like, “Oh, this is delicious!” And I felt okay after eating it, it wasn't anything different, but I noticed that I wasn't losing weight when eating this combination. My weight would kind of just stay put.

So, if I dropped that cheese and just substituted almonds and fruit instead, my body reacted completely differently. So I've kind of learned a few things about how my body reacts to different fats, carbs, and protein.

What would you recommend to other individuals about MetPro?

Mary: It's an investment, but it's well worth what you're investing in. To take that leap and realize that you're learning skills that you can take with you beyond the regimen that you sign up for.

If I break it down by how much weight I lost, I would have gladly paid somebody that exact amount per pound! If only it was that easy!

There's so many of us out there that almost err on the side of, I'd kinda rather be fat and still enjoy my cocktails and good food than on a diet. “Fat and happy,” that's a thing, right? Being social and enjoying food is such an important part of so many of our lifestyles, that it's a scary endeavor to think that you have to cut all of that out in order to be healthier. The way MetPro integrates into your life and teaches you how to manage all of those pieces is a huge game-changer.

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