"His system will have you working our more efficiently as well as providing your body with the correct amount of fuel to achieve your goals. "

Jeff L's Story

I contacted MetPro in January of 2016 after reading an article about Angelo’s approach

to weight loss and hoping he could apply a similar approach to help me gain 10lbs or muscle.

As a slender guy, I was tired of being told I was too skinny and decided it was time to make a

change to my body. Additionally, I hoped that the muscle gains could translate to faster times

in the pool as I previously set a goal to swim a 25 second 50 yard freestyle before my 40 th

birthday. I began working towards this goal with Angelo in February and by June had added

20lbs to my frame, almost all of it being muscle. Angelo’s idea of ramping up one’s metabolism

to effectively gain weight and muscle is a unique idea that needs to be tried to be believed.

Angelo implored a “clean” bulk to add the weight which was a perfect fit for me as I

tend to add weight in my lower abdominal region when I am not eating the healthiest and this

is definitely the one area of my body that I’m the most critical of. Based on my weight, fitness

level, age, and goal Angelo started me off on his Phase 8 meal plan in conjunction with some

postural work and weight lifting. His system is quite unique in that he monitors one’s weight

gains/losses daily and adjusts the meal plan within 72 hours if the results are not on track with

his expectations. I moved to a Phase 9 meal plan eight days after starting Phase 8 and again

moved to Phase 10 six days later. Angelo and his team are constantly checking in to monitor

your progress and making adjustments when necessary. In order to make my gains more

substantial, we eliminated all cardio vascular workouts at this point to keep the momentum

going in the right direction. As a swimmer, this was the hardest part for me as I reduced the

number of swim days each week from three to one.

Four months after the start of the MetPro program, I exceeded my weight gain goal and

began reintroducing cardio workouts to my weekly exercise program. I lost quite a bit of

conditioning in the pool during this time but I am amazed how quickly I’ve regained it. I slowly

worked my way back up to three days of swimming each week and it’s amazing how much

more power I can feel through both the mid pull and finish of the front crawl stroke. I also

noticed that my flip turns are crisper as I can better engage my core at the start of the turn and

flip quicker. I am amazed at the muscle gains I now see in my chest, arms, shoulders, and back

and I owe it all to Angelo and his team at MetPro. I would recommend his program to anyone

who is serious about making healthier lifestyle changes or any athletes out there looking for a

competitive edge. His system will have you working our more efficiently as well as providing

your body with the correct amount of fuel to achieve your goals. Now, the only thing I need to

do to make this a truly successful story is to wait for an upcoming alumni swim meet at my old

high school and see if I can swim that 25 second 50 yard freestyle.

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