"Losing weight became a “by product” of working the program. My new goal was to be the very best that I was capable of being, health wise. "

Gail E's Story

Why did you decide to start working with MetPro ?

I had dinner with one of my very best friends, who also happens to live across the street from me. She had battled wanting to lose weight for years, but was never really able to stick with a program. I noticed this particular evening that she, indeed, had lost some weight, but more importantly was making very wise choices in ordering. I commented on this observation and encouraged her to stick with “the diet”. It was then that she informed me that she was not on a “diet”, but was enrolled in a “life changing” program. This “metabolic profiling” business piqued my interest. I have a master’s degree in cardiovascular nursing and tend to be a tad scientifically minded. I went home that evening and read everything I could find, online, about it. WOW… this made perfectly good sense to me. I honestly reached out to MetPro thinking, “I would love to lose about 5 or 10 pounds and how much easier it would be to have someone telling me exactly what to eat and when to do it.”

What challenges were you experiencing before working with MetPro?

This is probably not what you hear every day, but my biggest challenge was eating. And I do not mean learning to eat properly….. I did not eat. Somewhere in the midst of becoming a single mom, a child growing up, getting married, moving far away from home and my youngest child finishing college, starting a job and getting her own apartment….. I quit eating. I have never been much of a “foodie”. I did not grow up eating sweets and I was one of those people who “ate to live” vs “living to eat”. But I also, unfortunately, hate to cook…. especially for one person… so the easiest thing for me was to just not eat. I literally ate a few bites here and there throughout the day. Just enough to stay alive. And over a couple of years time, I gained about 10 pounds, which was a complete mystery to me since I ate so little, and had no energy at all.

What were your goals when initially starting MetPro?

I guess I would have to say, losing a few pounds? I just had no idea what was in store for me.

Did your goals change as you experienced the program?

OH MY GOSH, DID THEY EVERRRRRRR!!!!! Losing weight became a “by product” of working the program. My new goal was to be the very best that I was capable of being, health wise.

Please tell us about your experiences working with MetPro and how your transformation came to be:

I don’t have enough time to write, nor do you have enough time to read about ALL of my wonderful experiences with MetPro. There are just not enough words to describe it. Easy, loving, concerned, supportive, encouraging, sympathetic, friendly, fun, educational, regimental, comfortable, personal, DOABLE AND SUCCESSFUL.

My transformation was remarkable. I am 5’2” and have never weighed over 135 pounds, non-pregnant. So, being extremely obese has never been an issue for me. As I mentioned, earlier, I just wanted to lose a few pounds and learn how to eat. But as I got on the program, my weight just fell off. (once Eric woke up my metabolism) I made/make charts every Sunday, outlining what I am going to eat the rest of the week. I cook about two or three times a week and eat exactly what is on my list. It is so easy, once I got into the routine. The biggest hurdle for me and still is, to some extent, is remembering to eat. I set an alarm on my phone for every three hours, during the day, and just eat what I have on my chart and is already prepared. The other hurdle I had to overcome was the amount of food required to consume. I learned, initially, to forget vegies and just try to get down all of the fats, carbs and proteins. This was very foreign to me. I love vegies and it was weird to have to give them up for the carbs. This was different from anything I had ever heard about “diets” ….. but then, I had to keep reminding myself that this was not a diet. As my metabolism sped up, this all improved. But my greatest transformation and the thing that I am most excited about is the amount of energy I gained. I had no idea this was even a possibility at 65, soon to be 66 years of age. I am a nurse and I work full time. I leave home at 6:00 every morning and most evenings, it is 6:00 pm when I get back home. I NEVER stop during the day and feel great doing it. I have so much energy, I run out of errands to do around my house every weekend. Ha ha Seriously, I have never felt better. So, my goals changed very quickly into the program. I went from wanting to lose a few pounds to just seeing how much energy I could really experience during the day. I never realized how tired I had been for years. And I was tired of being tired. I also sleep so much better. I used to take a sleep aid at night. Not anymore. And my quality of sleep has greatly improved. It is so much fun to wake up at 4:15 every morning feeling rested and refreshed. I am/ was also “allergic” to exercise. I just never had the energy and used my 12-hour work day, at age 65 as a perfect excuse. I now walk three miles a day / five days a week. I still do not do weight bearing exercises like I would like to…. But …. Baby steps. There is more to come.

Who was your MetPro coach? And what was your experience like working with them?

My coach was Eric Wilson….. thebomb.com!!!! I cannot say enough wonderful things about Eric. He, very quickly, became a friend, who just happened to have a lot of knowledge about how the body’s metabolism works. I looked forward to my phone visits with Eric each week and his text messages, during the week, never left me doubting that I was his “only client” and that he really cared what I may be going through that week. ☺ He, not only was very informative, but was very supportive and encouraging. He also praised me and never let me beat myself up for “screwing up”. He always left me with a podcast to listen to that week. I loved them. These podcasts are so informative and such an inspiration. This should be a requirement… ha ha When I can come back for a refresher, PLEASE, PLEASE let me have him for a coach!!!!

In what ways did your MetPro coach support you and your goals?

I can honestly say that Eric supported me in every way possible. My goals were his goals and he did everything in his power to help me achieve them. Whenever I mentioned anything that I would like to achieve, health or food wise, he knew exactly how to help me and gave me mini goals for the next week. I never felt overwhelmed, but it was always successful. Baby steps….. it was awesome. Eric was also a huge supporter in just “doing life”. As I mentioned earlier, I grew to love Eric as a dear friend and I felt like I could talk to him about anything. During my program, I had a precious 15 year old family pet that had to be put to sleep. It absolutely broke my heart. Eric was so kind, sympathetic, and supportive. I even got a very sweet card in the mail. As I mentioned, earlier, Eric was a good friend who just happened to have a lot of knowledge about metabolic profiling.

Beyond achieving your health goals, how else has your experience with MetPro influenced your life?

The personalities and relationships that are created through MetPro are truly amazing. Everyone struggles with issues in their life. And if they say they don’t, they are lying. MetPro has re emphasized the need for friends in my life who are walking the same path that I am, or similar. We all need that special someone who can look at us and say, “I know exactly how you feel and what you are going through. I have been there.” It may not always be a health concern. MetPro strengthened some of my existing tools to continue to help myself and encourage others along the way. Good things happen when there is love and caring involved. MetPro is a commitment, a regimen, and an investment. But anything worth doing in life is somewhat of an investment. Ask my girls how many times they have heard me say, “Life is hard, make wise choices, and you have to give up, to get.” This advice applies to so many areas of our lives and was so true with working the MetPro program. It is certainly a program that provides you with the tools you need to sustain a lifestyle goal.

What was the most interesting thing that you learned about your metabolism or your body from this experience?

It absolutely blew my mind that I could eat as much food as I am eating and still lose weight. I eat every three hours and am actually “hungry” at times. That is a new feeling for me. The first time it happened, I thought I was coming down with a stomach bug. Ha ha I was almost nauseated from being hungry and I had just eaten three hours earlier. Of course, Eric fixed that little issue immediately. Just last night I went to bed feeling way too full from my dinner earlier and knew my weight would be up a little the next morning. Not only was my weight not up, I had LOST ½ a pound. This still amazes me. My metabolism is so happy.

What was your favorite part or aspect of MetPro’s program? Is there anything specific that helped you to be successful?

Definitely the MetPro app that gives you the list of foods that you are allowed to eat and the amount. I also made a chart every Sunday and planned out my meals and snacks for each day, until I would get an adjustment. I know the app provides a place to do this, but I am still a “pencil and paper” kind of gal. Doing all of my food prep for three days at a time, made it all so easy and doable. And, since I do not like to cook, I only had to crank up the stove about twice a week, unless someone messed up my schedule with a drop in visit. Ha ha

What are the biggest lessons you learned from this experience?

The biggest lesson that I learned from MetPro is that I have to eat every three hours to keep my metabolism working properly and to keep my weight within my goal.

Would you recommend MetPro? Is, what would you say?

YES,YES,YES….. I would tell them that MetPro is not a diet, it is a different type of lifestyle. With the tools that are given you, you are able to maintain your weight goal and your newly achieved level of health with very little effort.

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