"I’ve built my career on embracing and enacting change, yet I couldn’t seem to adopt change myself. I never thought I could be in the best shape of my life!"

Dan D's Story

Introducing Dan 2.0: A Journey to Health
When Dan first met Angelo Poli, Transformation Specialist and Creator of MetPro, he had one goal: to get healthy. Blinded by a love for what he does for a living, he sat in front of a computer for years eating what he wanted, drinking what he wanted, and ignoring any physical activity. Over time it caught up with him, leading to severe degradation in his life performance. He found himself weighing 250 lbs with Stage 1 Hypertension at only 28 years of age. He realized that he built his career on embracing and enacting change, yet he couldn’t seem to adopt change himself.

A Solution to Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss
MetPro was the solution Dan had been looking for. Our MetPro coaches gave Dan the tools and knowledge to implement a data-driven approach specific to his weight loss needs. As a software developer, this approach immediately resonated with Dan. He quickly understood how measuring and making changes based on data is so crucial to being successful. It soon became obvious to Dan that we are all unique, and so is our metabolism. MetPro acknowledges this fact by individualized the client’s program, often adjusting every 3 days based on their data.

With a busy schedule and travel a common thing for Dan, our team of coaches and nutritionists formulated a plan that fit into Dan’s demanding schedule. Routinely our coaches used remote forms of communication, such as email and text messaging, to help perfect Dan’s workout regimes and to check-in with him to ensure he was staying the course of his diet. Dan was amazed how this interaction really pushed him to achieve his ultimate goal of being healthy.

MetPro's a tool for the rest of your life. A nutrition plan that adapts to my lifestyle of busy meetings and traveling not only made sense to me, but it works, and MetPro is exactly that. – Dan D.

Dan's Success
Today Dan weighs in at 159 lbs, a weight that he never imagined years ago. And he achieved 120/70 blood pressure without medications. For Dan, these changes lead to much more than new habits but have become a lifestyle transformation.

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