"MetPro doesn’t do the hard work for you, but it provides you with the understanding and motivation you need to reach for those goals and stay in the game long enough to reach them, in a way that feels completely transparent and empowering."

Ana B's Story

Why did you decide to start working with MetPro?

Ana: My husband had started working with MetPro and was seeing good results and an increase in metabolic rate. Since we cook and eat almost all meals together, I became interested in joining as well. I had lost 30 lbs in the previous year and was maintaining, but I wanted to increase my metabolism some more so that I didn’t feel like I was perpetually “watching my diet”.

What were your goals when initially starting MetPro? Did your goals change as you experienced the program?

Ana: A small weight loss (about 5 lbs), visible abs, and an increase in metabolic rate to maintain while eating more food.

Please tell us about your experience working with MetPro and how your transformation came to be. Include any significant ups, downs, hurdles, and milestones. And, tell us about the results you’ve had.

Ana: Unlike other diets, I never felt hungry while doing MetPro. While it was tough to make lots of one-pot meals at times because my husband and I were at different stages, it was also really easy to mix and match ingredients so we could still meal prep together. It was hard to not have high glycemic fruits like mango and watermelon in the summer, but it was so worth it.

Who was your MetPro coach? And what was your experience like working with them?

Ana: Jan Schaeffer was amazingly competent (both in coaching me through the nutrition aspect but also by putting together a great strength program that I still use today), and so easy to interact with. She was caring, empathetic, funny, and available whenever I needed her.

In what ways did your MetPro coach support you and your goals?

Ana: I am so grateful for all the knowledge about my body and how to fuel it that I've gained in the few months I spent being guided through MetPro by Jan. I came to MetPro not too far from my ideal weight, but desperate to find a way out of diet prison. I lost 30+ lbs in 2018 by restricting calories/carbs, but then felt really stuck. I love carbs and healthy fats and knew that restricting them indefinitely was not sustainable. Plus, I began training for a marathon in 2019, and that clearly required some extra fuel, but I didn't know what the correct amount would be to avoid gaining weight. Jan helped me go from eating around 120g of carbs per day and being afraid of gaining weight, to over 200g of carbs per day, at a lighter weight than I was when I started. Along the way, she patiently and competently answered my barrage of why questions, helping me really understand my metabolism in a way that will serve me for life. She was also willing to listen to me and tailor my program to my body and personal needs (like 1g of protein per pound). I felt so heard and cared about, and I cannot stress enough how critical to my success that was (and how unlike past experiences that was). I am leaving MetPro leaner, with more muscle, and a very sustainable and satisfying macro budget. I cannot be happier about everything aside from missing my daily talks with the best coach ever!!

Beyond achieving your health goals, how else has your experience with MetPro influenced your life?

Ana: I now understand my body and feel freer from traditional diets (I eat everything in moderation and feel great).

What was the most interesting thing you learned about your Metabolism or your body from this experience?

Ana: It can be “right-sized” with enough time and patience.

What was your favorite part or aspect of MetPro's program? Is there anything specific that helped you to be successful?

Ana: I really liked that I could eat all food groups and didn’t need to count calories in the traditional sense.

What are the biggest lessons you learned from this experience?

Ana: I can literally achieve anything I want if I fuel my body correctly and dedicate myself to my goals.

Would you recommend MetPro? If so, what would you say?

Ana: MetPro doesn’t do the hard work for you, but it provides you with the understanding and motivation you need to reach for those goals and stay in the game long enough to reach them, in a way that feels completely transparent and empowering.

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