Everyday people choose MetPro to transform their body and reach their health goals. Here's what they are saying.

"I love MetPro, I love how I invested in it and it came back to me in spades!""

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"It's pretty awesome to go out and run faster than your friends who are half of your age!"

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"I can take on challenges and do things I didn't think were possible before!"

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"For me, it was the education that MetPro provided to help me change what I needed."

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"Wanting to feel better was my why, and MetPro has provided me with that!"

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"The service is FIRST CLASS."

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"You always hear after 40 you'll never get that extra weight off. I'm happy to report, that's a myth!"

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"It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle!"

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"If you are ready for change, and serious about your goals, this is the way!"

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"For the first time in a long time, I'm happy!"

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"You need the MetPro intelligence, it really makes it so simple for you to be successful!"

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"What you put into it is what you get out of it and you just need to trust the process because it really is effective, it truly is."

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"MetPro was my opportunity to take things to the next level!"

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"This is the best fitness and nutrition program I've ever tried, and I've tried them all. If you've spent a lifetime trying to control your weight and get fit, you can stop looking for a solution."

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"I love that it honed in on what I'm eating, when, and how much. You learn what works best for your body. It's an education process, and I wouldn't trade the knowledge for anything."

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"The take home, it's a better life for the future."

  View Sonia's Story

"If you're looking to lose weight and keep it off, and you're on the fence, all I have to say is do it––leap, take the jump. At the end of the day, it was a great decision for me. I can't wait to stay on this journey. I'm excited to step on the scale the next day. So again, if there's any trepidation, just do it."

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"The way MetPro integrates into your life and teaches you how to manage all of those pieces is a huge game-changer."

  View Mary's Story

"This is something I can keep with me for the rest of my life"

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"After 12 years of running marathons and at the age of 41 I’m so thankful to still be making improvements. I credit this in large part to being able to work with Coach Natalie at MetPro over an extended period of time."

  View Angie's Story

"If you play basketball, you learn how to shoot; if you play baseball, you develop a philosophy on how to swing; when it comes to eating and fitness, you should at least have a strategy for making the right decisions. Whether your goal is to lose 100 pounds or 5 pounds, it’s about developing habits that are going to be sustainable long-term "

  View Craig's Story

"I lost more than my goal weight: 15+ lbs. The significant up was that I finally realized that “food/meal planning” is really a key to my ‘solution’ and that I really had to monitor and check my consumption of sugar (and that many foods I was eating had way too many added carbs or sugar). "

  View Patrick's Story

"Losing weight became a “by product” of working the program. My new goal was to be the very best that I was capable of being, health wise. "

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"MetPro was easy to integrate into my lifestyle!"

  View Jon's Story

"It completely transformed my life!"

  View Eric's Story

"MetPro doesn’t do the hard work for you, but it provides you with the understanding and motivation you need to reach for those goals and stay in the game long enough to reach them, in a way that feels completely transparent and empowering."

  View Ana's Story

"Overall I felt healthier, stronger, and was able to eat food! Not having to feel like I was “starving” myself in an attempt to lose weight. MetPro is a totally different scientific philosophy! And it WORKS!!"

  View Margaret's Story

"The way MetPro nutrition matched my workouts to my meal plan keeps me on track and feeling healthy and full of energy. As a result, I have gained more muscle mass and definition!"

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"The personality and the culture that is created through MetPro, it's amazing, there's caring and there's love. The performance angle of whatever your goal is, it's true and it's honest."

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"I’ve met with several nutritionists throughout the years and it was always surface information. I’ve never received a specific plan tailored to my needs. With MetPro, I know exactly what I need for every meal, it makes managing weight and performing at a high level so much easier."

  View Layshia's Story

"It's not about buying a product or prepared meal, it's about putting the tools together to build a lifestyle that will be sustainable - MetPro is a great tool for me to understand my nutrition."

  View Charlie's Story

"With the knowledge we've learned, we will be able to maintain this level of health and the MetPro lifestyle."

  View Anja and Jerry's Story

"What I like about MetPro the best is that it's a different type of lifestyle – it's not a diet. I really like that it's so personalized. It's been an amazing transformation for me."

  View Kristin's Story

"MetPro is a commitment, a regimen, and it's an investment, but it's well worth it because it's your health."

  View Mark's Story

"Before MetPro, I had worked for 5 years and only lost 10 pounds. During the first two and a half weeks on MetPro, I lost that same amount weight!"

  View Candice's Story

"I've had four kids, and I no longer have my 25 year old body, but I have a 53 year old body I feel pretty good about"

  View Patrice's Story

"It’s been a more comfortable ride than I thought. There are things you have to give up, there is a sacrifice in something like this, but for me, it's just been worth it."

  View Michael's Story

"If you put your mind to it, and you have the right program in place, and right people to help you out, you can make real accomplishments and changes in your life."

  View Melissa and Jarod's Story

"MetPro helps you to bust through the barriers that are holding you back. I feel that they really individualize the recommendation and help you personalize your goal."

  View Mary's Story

"I tend to have very busy days and do a lot of business over lunches and dinners. MetPro's concierge service made it very simple to incorporate into my lifestyle."

  View Tom's Story

"As a Doctor, I’m scientifically minded, and this method made sense to me based on the theory of how the metabolism works and why everybody is a little bit different."

  View Lyell's Story

"No other program I've ever seen has achieved the sustained and consistent results as MetPro!"

  View Andrew's Story

"I've done diets and seen nutritionists but I've never had the whole package or seen results like this"

  View Melissa's Story

" The knowledge and guidance my coaches provided was a critical tool to my success."

  View Stan's Story

"Brian wanted to offset the long hours he spends in the car that his job requires. “The diet is great, the workouts are awesome, but the postural portion is probably the biggest thing for me.”"

  View Brian's Story

"It's very difficult for me to plan because of travel, but because I knew exactly what I needed to eat, and when, no matter where I was traveling to, my nutrition was always dialed."

  View Chris's Story

"Their different approach to postural alignment and strength conditioning intrigued me"

  View Jordan's Story

"Our physical transformations have truly transformed our relationship"

  View Dennis & Andrea's Story

"I got to 200 pounds so many times, I thought being overweight was just genetics. By the second week with MetPro, I had already got down into the low 190's!"

  View Donny's Story

"MetPro is very educational. It teaches you how to eat properly, and to get your body working at its best. It's the only thing out there, that I've tried, that has truly changed my body."

  View Sonia's Story

"I was tired of feeling tired!"

  View Jennifer's Story

"My weekend warrior BMX sessions have turned into invites to ride with the pros."

  View David's Story

"His system will have you working our more efficiently as well as providing your body with the correct amount of fuel to achieve your goals. "

  View Jeff's Story

"I’ve built my career on embracing and enacting change, yet I couldn’t seem to adopt change myself. I never thought I could be in the best shape of my life!"

  View Dan's Story

"I came to the realization that dieting just doesn’t work... MetPro is very different."

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