MetPro helps cyclists maximize their engine to produce winning results

Why spend a mint on lighter parts for your ride, when you can strengthen your engine and dramatically improve your power to weight ratio?

Alison Tetrick MetPro

Alison Tetrick, Professional Cyclist, used MetPro for elite nutrition coaching.

MetPro is a proven platform that produces successful results when it comes to the unique needs of endurance athletes

Whether you are a professional athlete, century rider, or general cycling enthusiast, Metabolic Profiling (MetPro) is a proven platform that helps cyclists reduce body weight, increase power, and optimize their metabolic rate to maintain energy and performance throughout their training and competitive season.

MetPro provides concierge coaching and easy to use technology to help you balance your pre-ride, during ride, and post-ride nutrition

MetPro creates a personalized bite-for-bite meal plan customized to your specific performance goals. We provide a nutritional plan that monitors your macronutrient intake, as well as your metabolic rate and activity level to produce the results you are looking for.

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Justin Williams MetPro

Justin Williams, Professional Cyclist, used MetPro to boost his power to weight ratio during the 2017 cycling season.

MetPro reduces your recovery time and helps you refuel after a strenuous ride

It is proven that MetPro athletes experience shorter recovery times and reduced soreness due to MetPro's tailored diet strategies and training regimens.

MetPro is A Natural and Clean Diet Strategy That Fuels

Our nutrition plans rely on the highest quality, natural and clean foods to help you maintain optimal performance and recovery.

Our athletes work directly with one of the industries leading experts in transformations to ensure their program is moving forward at all times.

Some people respond to direct calorie adjustments, others display greater sensitivity to carbohydrates - we don't limit ourselves to just one approach. Each person responds a little differently. It's those differences that MetPro identifies and evaluates for you to maximize your performance.

Boost Your Power To Weight Ratio

Professional Endurance Athletes Who’ve Worked with MetPro

Justin Williams

Stoked to be working with MetPro for my nutritional needs and super pumped to get that power to weight up!
Alison Tetrick

Excited to work with MetPro for 2017 for nutritional coaching!
Karl Menzies

Looking forward to improving my power to weight ratio with the help of MetPro nutrition coach.

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