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Rob Orlando found MetPro to be the nutritional piece many athletes are missing

Who Is Rob Orlando?

Strongman competitor, CrossFit Games athlete, owner and head coach of Hybrid Athletics

Rob Orlando is a Strongman competitor, CrossFit Games athlete, owner and head coach of Hybrid Athletics, a CrossFit Strongman gym with locations in Bridgeport and Stamford, CT.

From 2005 to 2010, Rob competed in Strongman events across the United States. During this time he won six consecutive Strongman competitions and set North American records. As a CrossFit Games Athlete, Rob placed 22nd and 15th at the 2009 and 2010 CrossFit Games respectively. In July 2016, he returned to competition after a long break and placed 11th in the 2016 CrossFit Games Masters Men 40-44 division.

As a coach, Rob loves working with his athletes to help them achieve their individual goals.  He challenges each person that comes through the door, and takes tremendous pride in seeing his athletes grow stronger each day. 

Nutrition is at the base of the crossfit pyramid

Rob’s a confident programmer and coach who realizes that nutrition is at the base of performance both for himself and his members.  Working with MetPro has been a very positive experience for Rob.  Rob began referring his members to the MetPro team and one by one they transformed with incredible speed.  As an athlete he learned how to dial in his personal nutrition, and significantly improved his athletic performance and recovery.  As a gym owner he has taken great pride in watching his members benefit from MetPro.

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What Is MetPro?

Individualized, Data Driven & Adaptive

Metabolic Profiling is a complete step-by-step guide to mastering your metabolism. On its own MetPro is an algorithm, an evaluative process, and an engine fueled with the data you feed into it every day. It's designed to calculate the absolute best "next step" for you under any circumstance, and will do so with responsiveness and precision. Like a GPS it will recalculate your route at any destination or missed turn. Your personal results—and no one else's - will dictate each and every step the system directs you to take.  

MetPro Delivers Results

MetPro is a premium platform that delivers premium results.  Technology and personal attention are combined and delivered via a full-blown concierge service that is ready to assist you at a moments notice.  When you sign up for MetPro you are linked with a personal nutritionist, lifestylist, and fitness expert.  Each of these dedicated team members will work tirelessly to ensure that your results are nothing short of spectacular.

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