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Our Coaches Top 5 Tips For Navigating a Menu

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Our Coaches Top 5 Tips For Navigating a Menu

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Our Coaches Top 5 Tips For Navigating a Menu

1. Start with Reviewing the Full Menu

"My top tips for navigating a menu at a restaurant would be scanning through the entire menu first. Most of the time that means skipping appetizers because usually they are fried or covered in something that you are not necessarily going to want to eat (even though they are delicious). When you are being more mindful it’s important to find those lean protein options .

Then look at the sides––that doesn’t always mean looking at the sides section of the menu. You can also take a look at the sides that come with other dishes. Steamed or grilled vegetables those good go-to's. I would try to stay away from the fried or sauteed because they add unnecessary oils and fats. And then for carbs, I would look for whole grain or brown rice, or sweet potatoes." – Coach Jan

2. Look for the Leanest Protein First

My biggest tips for navigating a restaurant menu start with looking for the leanest protein. With restaurant food there will already be added fat, so you don’t need to add any sauce, cheese, or guacamole. Your fats will already be included, so look for leaner proteins! Look for items such as fish (the leaner fish that is) or chicken. Hold the sauce, order double veggies, and then depending on the carb choices sometimes I just double up on vegetables if the only carbs are mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese. – Coach Natalie

3. Keep it simple––Protein, Veggies, and Carbs

First you want to pick out the cleanest, leanest source of protein, something that's not covered in breading and something that's not fried. Once you pick that out, you've usually narrowed your choices on the menu down to 4-5. Step two, ask yourself which of those options have a clean source of carbohydrates? Something preferably not covered in butter, or gravy obviously. After that, it’s usually pretty easy. Step 3––find a nice vegetable, whatever your favorite is try your best to make sure it’s not covered in butter. Those are my 3 steps and it usually makes the choosing process pretty easy! – Coach Dallas

4. Order A La Carte

What I usually do personally, order things that are separate. I don’t order a casserole or lasagna. I’ll look for a chicken and a veggie or fish and veggies where I can understand everything that is included. That way I know there are no hidden ingredients. – Coach Megan

5. Pack a Carb

The first thing you are looking for is the protein, you want grilled chicken or fresh fish––stay away from anything that has pasta, is fried or breaded. Then, look at the meal carbs and see what kind of carbs they have. Usually, I’ll tell my clients to pack an apple. That way you know you won’t be tempted with a carb that is not on plan. Take your carb with you! Slice it up at home and eat your apple “as your dessert”, that way you can stick with clean protein and veggies when you are at dinner. – Coach Jessee

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