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How Baseline Testing Determines Your Metabolic Truth

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How Baseline Testing Determines Your Metabolic Truth

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How Baseline Testing Determines Your Metabolic Truth

Your metabolism’s fundamental job is to maintain homeostasis. This process of checks and balances is vital for the survival of any organism. Since your body can’t survive in a state of constant weight gain or loss, your metabolism throttles up or down to meet the needs of your environment. This is why everyone experiences weight loss differently and why so many feel their metabolism isn’t the same as it used to be – it’s not.

So how do we determine your metabolic starting point right now? Let’s discuss Baseline Testing, and why it’s the best first step toward achieving your goals.

Measuring Your Metabolic Rate

At the start of your MetPro journey, we need to understand your unique metabolic rate. The method we use is Baseline Testing, a process solely based on your nutrition and how you respond. It doesn’t require any saliva, blood, DNA, or invasive examinations. Once you begin you will receive a baseline meal plan. This is a structured meal plan we ask you to follow (with near-perfect adherence) for 72-hours. During this period we’ll know your exact calorie count, macronutrient breakdown (protein, carbs, and fats), and the glycemic load of your carbohydrates. This removes any variables currently in your day-to-day giving us the most up to date information on your current metabolic rate.

After your Baseline Testing period, your coach will review your analytics to give you accurate information on where you’re at metabolically. It could be good news, or it could be bad, but the process of Baseline Testing is critical in assuring it’s “accurate” – and something our team can build a strategy around without guesswork.

Let’s consider two possible outcomes:

1. Slower Metabolic Rate

If your coach discovers you have a slower metabolism there are several options. For example, they may decide to take you straight into what we call a metabolic up-adjust. Here, we continue to track your intake while increasing your macronutrients (primarily through carbohydrates), revving your metabolic rate over a period of time. While that is not the only route your coach might take, it is one option. Your coach will consider several other factors including your diet history, lifestyle, travel schedule, and goals, to determine the best strategy after Baseline Testing.

2. Faster Metabolic Rate

What do we mean by a “faster” metabolic rate? This means your metabolic rate might actually be functioning quicker than you thought. Maybe you lost weight during the Baseline Testing process. Depending on your goals your coach may decide that you should continue at this intake level a bit longer, reviewing your analytics in another 72-hour segment.

Data-Driven Results

Baseline Testing is just the beginning of your metabolic data analysis. Your coach will continue to re-evaluate your data and make adjustments until it’s perfectly tuned towards your goals. This involves using your daily analytics to determine the best course of action while taking into account your day-to-day schedule and lifestyle. Similar to your thumbprint, your metabolism is unique to you. Unlike your thumbprint, it’s constantly changing and adapting to your environment. With a little strategy, we can create a roadmap to help you successfully achieve your goals.

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