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Weight Loss Strategies Series - How to Lose 40lbs or More

Join Coach Ryan McMullen and Coach Crystal as they discuss the different phases of losing significant weight, we're talking over 40 lbs!

How to Reach Goals when You Don't Feel Like It

Join Coach Crystal and Dr. Jenn Mann, a licensed marriage, family, and child therapist and sports psychology consultant, for an informative discussion on Mental Health!

How to Overcome Training Obstacles: Training for a 21-Mile Race after a Concussion

Join Megan Omli and Coach Crystal as they discuss her incredible journey to finish the 21-mile Big Sur race, despite the curveball life threw at her 12 weeks before when she was hit by a car!

Macros or Calories? Which one should you be counting for weight loss?

Ready to ditch the guesswork of counting calories and start seeing real results with your weight loss goals?

Accountability: How One-on-One Coaching helped Keri lose 16lbs

Keri's story is a true testament of how successful weight loss can be with the right plan and guidance from MetPro.

Consistency over Intensity: Why an All or Nothing Mentality isn't Necessary for your Goals

It's a type of distorted thinking - all or nothing. Today MetPro Coach and Registered Sports Dietician Bianca de la Rosa joins Coach Crystal to discuss this phenomenon.

Big Sur: Training for a Competitive Endurance Event while Rehabbing from Injury

Learn how Crystal is preparing for Big Sur while overcoming the injury she sustained from an accident in February.

Progressive Overload - Why You Need to Use It, Regardless of Your Goals

Progressive Overload may sound complicated and intimidating, but it's actually quite simple and accessible - with a little help.

Meatless Mondays: The Best Vegetarian Snacks for your Metabolism

Don't miss this informative and energizing episode – tune in now to get all the details on vegetarian snacking from Kenlyn and Jessee!

Considering Ozempic? Breaking down GLP-1 Weight Loss Medications

Are you considering taking the weight loss medication Ozempic? Then join Sports Dietician Amber Velasquez and Coach Crystal in this informative episode to understand the facts behind it!

Spin Classes for Weight Loss: What are the fat-burning benefits of Peloton?

Are you looking to kickstart weight loss, fire up your metabolism, and get fit in the comfort of your own home? Look no further than a spin class!

Science to Transform Series: The Effects of Exercise on Body Composition (Part Three of Four)

In this episode, Angelo Poli of MetPro joins Coach Crystal to explore the research MetPro has conducted about exercise, what it does to your metabolism, and its effects on body composition.

Performance Nutrition for Moms: How to Prioritize your Health for your kids

If you feel like you're stuck in a weight-loss rut, or if you need help managing your hormones, join us as we discuss Brooke's MetPro journey and many of the struggles we all face in weight management.

Science to Transform Series: Carbohydrate Restriction for Weight Loss

Are you curious about how carb restriction works? Don't miss out on part two of this four-part series.

Science to Transform Series: Caloric Restriction for Weight Loss (Part One of Four)

Are you curious about how calorie restriction works? Don't miss out on part one of this four-part series.

I Have No Idea How to Workout - Where Do I Start?

In this episode, Coach Joe Brauer and Coach Crystal help guide you through the basics of starting a workout routine.

Triathlete Attorney Learns How to Eat Correctly

Mitchel shares how Angelo’s weight loss program focused on metabolism and nutrition to help him lose weight, how Angelo incorporated biking, running and strength training into his schedule, and the knowledge MetPro gave hi...

Parker Runs a Marathon: Performance Nutrition for Marathon Runners

Follow Parker's journey as he prepares for Marathons and learns how to fuel his body while running with MetPro Coach Ryan McMullen.

1 Year Anniversary Episode: Clients Who Inspired Their Coaches

n the one year anniversary episode, MetPro coaches Ryan McMullen, Cat Ramirez, and MetPro founder Angelo Poli look back and share stories of the clients that inspired them, taught them and pushed them to be better.

Heart Rate Training and Wearables

Marcelo Aller, Vice President of Sales at Bio Strap, joins the podcast to discuss heart rate training and wearables.

Goal Setting for 2023

We are helping you achieve your New Year's resolutions and goals! In this episode, Angelo dives deep into goal setting and how he helps his clients.

Meal Planner Series: Cooking for The Whole Family

Coach Kim is here to help you manage your family's nutrition needs. In this episode, she shares her best planning, shopping, and prepping meal hacks to help you save time and feed your family healthy meals.

Upgrade your Health - Nutrition and Fitness to Improve Heart Health

Are you looking to improve heart health and lose weight? In this episode, Eric Willson joins her to share his 17 years of expertise in cardiopulmonary rehab at a local hospital.

How to Close Out the Year and Stay on Track

Coaches Crystal, Ryan, and Megan are here to help you navigate through the challenge of sticking with weight loss plans during December and beyond.

Meal Planner Series: Crafting a Tasty, Healthy Holiday Meal

Registered Sports Dietician Bianca de la Rosa joins Coach Crystal to help you find the balance for a great holiday meal that everyone can enjoy!

Meal Planner Series: Friendsgiving Potluck

Whether you want to bring a side or dessert (or both!), making a dish that fits into your nutrition plan doesn't Coach Amber is here to help!

Do's and Don'ts for Workouts

MetPro Coaches Cat Ramirez and Ryan McMullen join Crystal to have a conversation about exercise - what you should be doing and what you should not be doing!

Weight Loss Myths: Devices That Measure Carbs or Fat

Have you heard the ads for devices that claim you can blow into a device and know exactly what to eat? Then you will want to listen to this episode!

Comfort Foods, Cold Weather, and Cozy Meals

In this episode of the MetPro Method, Coach Cat joins Coach Crystal to cover weight loss strategies during those cold winter months.

Golf as Exercise: How to Shave Strokes off your Game and Inches off your Waist

Sam Dipaola has lost 50lbs with MetPro and golf. He joins Coach Jessee to explain how it can be simple AND easy to combine your favorite hobby or sport with MetPro.

Weight Loss Myths: Extreme Diets

Angelo Poli, creator of MetPro joins Coach Crystal to talk about extreme diets and we get to WHY fast weight loss will eventually backfire.

How to Progress toward your Weight Loss Goal - without using the scale!

Feeling frustrated that the scale isn't moving? In this episode, Coach Bianca joins Coach Crystal to talk about non-scale victories.

How to Use Peloton to Optimize Weight Loss

Tune in to learn the secret ingredient that makes weight loss with Peloton successful! We pull a switcharoo this episode - The Clip Out Co-Host Tom O'Keefe will interview Coach Crystal for all the details.

Kickoff Your Metabolism: Tailgating Tips For Weight Loss With Coach Ryan McMullen

Coach Ryan McMullen joins us this week to discuss how to navigate a tailgate party while also sticking to your weight loss goals.

How to Read a Nutrition Label for Clean Eating

This week, MetPro Coach Amber Velasquez, RD, breaks down the nutrition label. She discusses serving sizes, calories, and carbohydrates with Coach Crystal. With this knowledge, you'll be able to shop confidently at the groc...

Weight Loss, Menopause, and MetPro: How Metabolic Profiling can Offset the Hormonal Changes from Menopause

If you're menopausal or postmenopausal and looking to lose weight, optimizing your metabolism with MetPro can help. In our interview with Stacy Sims, she discussed how changes in hormone levels during menopause can impact ...

Dr. Stacy Sims unlocks the mystery around weight loss after menopause

In this episode, Coach Crystal is joined by Dr. Stacy Sims, an expert in exercise physiology and nutrition science, to discuss how to counteract the hormonal changes that lead to weight gain.

The Extra Push: How to Lose Weight with Friends and Family

Supportive friends and family can be instrumental to success. Rebecca and Rachel describe their experience using MetPro, including receiving encouragement from each other and their coaches.

Stress Eating: What it is, What Causes it, and Tactics to Stop it

Find yourself eating when you are not hungry? Or maybe in front of the TV, surprised at how much you just ate? If so, you are familiar with stress eating. If you've noticed yourself eating or snacking more than usual, this...

Professional Singer/Dancer shares her MetPro Weight Loss Journey!

Join Crystal and Eliotte, an amazing singer/dancer and a busy mom. After her pregnancy, she was looking to feel like herself again. Eliotte found MetPro and lost 36lbs in 4 months! They discuss her weight loss and much more!

Overcoming Peer Pressure to Achieve Healthy Goals

Facing uncomfortable questions and pressures is common when pursuing wellness goals. It can be difficult to change your habits for weight loss, but it’s even more difficult when your friends aren’t following the same path....

Weight Loss after Pregnancy for a Working Mom

Weight loss after pregnancy can be a difficult and emotional journey. However, it is possible to lose weight and get back to your pre-pregnancy weight with the right support. This week MetPro client, Melissa Urso, joins us...

Movement and Mobility Help You Feel Young

Feeling stiff and sore when you wake up? Accepting some particular pain as just "part of getting older?" Explore the importance of movement with award-winning fitness and mobility expert, Andrew Heffernan.

Meal Planner Series: Making Nutritious Meals during the Summer

If you're struggling to stay on track with your nutrition and fitness goals during the summer, this episode is for you. We discuss why summer can be harder to stay on track, how you can handle the changes by setting realis...

Weight Loss Myths: Ketogenic Diets (Keto)

In this podcast, Founder of MetPro, Angelo Poli, joins Coach Crystal to tackle several myths about ketogenic diets. If you're considering starting a ketogenic diet, or if you're already on one and are looking for more info...

How Behavior Change can Help you Crush your Goals

This episode will be encouraging and offer hope. MetPro coaches are experts in behavioral change and Coach Jessee gives practical guidance on achieving your goals.

You can Change Your Habits and Become Your Best Self with Dermot Buffini

Dermot Buffini, CEO of Buffini & Co. and a long-time friend of the MetPro team, is here to tell us how we can become our best selves. He discusses how to define your best self, how to go about making changes, and where to ...

Weight Loss Myths: Intermittent Fasting

In this episode, we'll dispel some of the most common myths about intermittent fasting and weight loss. Founder of MetPro, Angelo Poli, joins Coach Crystal to tackle several myths about Intermittent Fasting.

An ER Surgeon's Story of Weight Loss on a Hectic Schedule

If you're struggling to find time to fit weight loss into your schedule, this podcast is for you.

The Meal Planner Series: Making the Meals you Love

So if you want to learn how to create delicious, healthy meals that leave you feeling energized, tune in to this episode!

How to Guarantee Weight Loss and Muscle Gain using Metabolic Profiling

In this episode, we discuss how MetPro works, what makes it different from other programs, and how people can know if it's right for them.

The Meal Planner Series: Creating a Tasty Summer BBQ

Summer is approaching, which means it's time to get your BBQ menu ready with healthy grilling recipes!! Join Coach Crystal and Coach Ryan as they discuss menu curation, what foods to stay away from, and much more!

Weight Loss Guaranteed: How to Effectively Lose Weight and Look Great

We talk to three MetPro coaches who have helped people just like you to successfully lose weight and keep it off.

The Meal Planner Series: Creating Nutritional Meals that Actually Taste Good

Looking to improve your meal planning skills to create nutritious, delicious meals? In this episode, we will discuss everything from the essential ingredients you need to get started, to the tips and tricks for meal preppi...

Curbing Sugar Cravings with Jessee Davis

In this episode, Coach Jessee covers how to handle sugar cravings and what to eat instead.

Finding Great Winter Gear with Ali on The Run

In this episode, Ali from Ali on the Run joins our host, Coach Crystal, to discuss the best winter running gear for endurance athletes.

Navigating the Gym during the Busy Season with Cat Ramirez & Ryan McMullen

In this episode, Coach Cat and Coach Ryan cover how to make the most of a crowded gym.

Building an Affordable Home Gym with Angelo Poli

In this episode, Angelo covers how to set up your home gym.

Unlocking your Evolving Fitness Goals with Aleta Jeffress

In this episode, Aleta Jeffress covers how to stay consistent with a program after you've reached your goals.

Matching MetPro Coaches to Clients with Carina Chiodo

In this episode of the MetPro Method, Coach Carina explains how MetPro determines coaching compatibility.

Planning Dates, Not Just Dinners with Jessee Davis

In this episode, Coach Jessee covers how to plan dates that don't compromise your fitness and dietary goals.

How to Navigate a Party without blowing your Nutritional Goals with Ryan McMullen

In this episode, Coach Ryan covers how to stay healthy at parties and social events.

Nutritional Balance for Vegans/Vegetarians with Coach Kassy Dietle

In this episode, Coach Kassy covers how to handle the nutritional demands of a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle.

Keeping Healthy Habits During Travel With Megan Omli

In this episode, Coaching Director Megan Omli covers how to maintain healthy habits while you travel.

Building Muscle Versus Losing Fat With Angelo Poli

In this episode, MetPro founder Angelo Poli covers the major nutritional differences between gaining weight and losing fat.

Reaching your Fitness Goals with a Sports Injury

In this episode, Coach Cat covers how to train while you're injured without setting back your recovery.

Endurance Athletes Improve Performance Through Fueling with Ryan McMullen

In this episode, Coach Ryan covers how to properly eat for athletes who are competing regularly in endurance events.

Meal Planner: Successful Grocery Shopping Strategies

In this episode, Coach Cat covers how to grocery shop effectively for meal prepping.

How an IRONMAN Competitor Eats to Win

This episode covers how to train for an endurance event with MetPro client and IRONMAN competitor, Sam Karliner.

Endurance and Nutrition with Angie Spencer from Marathon Training Academy

This episode covers how to properly fuel your body for endurance sports.

Alcohol's Impact on Body Composition and Metabolism

This episode covers the effects of alcohol on your performance and weight loss goals.

The Meal Planner Series: Creating Nutritional Meals for Beginners

This episode covers the best meal prepping strategies for people who are just getting into meal prep.

Prevent Injuries through Posture

In this episode, Angelo channels his TED talk on posture to deal with the biomechanical burden of working from home.

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