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How to Lose Weight Without Hindering Your Marathon Training

Find out the secret to losing weight while maintaining your marathon training.

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Coach Natalie's Guide: Best Products to Fuel Your Run

Products A Marathon Running Dietitian Recommends To Everyone

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The Impact Athletic Training has on Your Body and Posture

Let's speak strictly “athletically” and leave technique, experience, and the ability to maintain mental focus under pressure (all abilities necessary to excel as a golfer) off the table for a moment. What makes the ultima...

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The Only Strength Exercises You'll Ever Need

Those five moves will do it for you. Pretty soon you'll be able to stroll confidently past all those machines at the gym knowing that all of them are just variations on those five simple moves you've now mastered. See some...

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The End of Fitness Plateaus!

Every eight weeks, choose a new goal: Lose 10 pounds. Gain five pounds of muscle. Lift a Volkswagen. Run a marathon. Or just keep up with your kids. You want to make it YOUR goal, not the goal of the exercise addict next d...

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Women Who Lift: The Changing Psychology of Fitness

Trends in the fitness world have led women to believe that in order to see results they must solely focus on cardio. We're here to tell you otherwise.

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The Best Workout For You

Pilates, circuit training, weight lifting, aerobics – how do you know what workouts are best for your fitness goals?

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Move More — All Day — To Get Fit

Exercise isn’t just a priority for people who live a long time — it’s part and parcel of everyday living. Learn why MetPro Founder Angelo Poli is prescribing more informal movement into our everyday lives.

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3 Steps to Selecting the Right Fitness Plan

In our experience, the key to achieving long-term health starts with having the right support, resources and fitness plan in place.

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