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5 Creative Ways to Eat More Veggies

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5 Creative Ways to Eat More Veggies

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5 Creative Ways to Eat More Veggies

Getting your daily recommended amount of vegetables can feel like a chore and often gets forgotten when you are also watching your macros. Make things easier with these 5 tips and tricks for adding vegetables to your meals.

1.) Wrap it

Swap your carbs for a vegetable when you can. Instead of using a tortilla, grab a thick piece of collard or swiss chard for your wrap or burrito. Try using sweet potatoes or lettuce in place of a bun or get crazy and sandwich things in between some Portobello mushrooms or layered in an avocado if you’re really feeling saucy!

2.) Spiralize it

Pasta lovers rejoice! Don't give up on your favorite food altogether. Replace the noodles with spiraled zucchini, carrot, or sweet potato. Still want traditional pasta? Do half and half!

3.) Start your day with it

Use oats and create flavors like chocolate with avocado and try mixing carrots or zucchini with chocolate chip. Make an “everything but the kitchen sink” egg or potato scramble with all the veggies in your fridge. Grab handfuls of spinach, chop them up, and throw them into your waffle batter. Try stuffing a sweet potato with some peanut butter and bananas for a sweet treat or throw some greens and avocado on toast for a delicious avocado toast. Did you know you can make a breakfast bowl using cauliflower rice instead of potatoes? The possibilities are endless!

4.) Substitute it

Try replacing a few meat items with veggies. There are some awesome recipes out there for veggie meatballs, burgers, tacos, and sandwiches. Grill up some squash and mushrooms for taco Tuesday instead of your usual protein and top it with fresh cabbage, salsa, and cheese. Attempt black bean or beet burgers instead of turkey or beef for a new and light take on your traditional burger. Before you pull out your sandwich meat, grill sweet potato, and some thick zucchini slices to use as the bulk of your sandwich. It boils down to thinking outside of your usual ingredients and getting creative.

5.) Juice/blend/pulp it

Use fruits to counteract the bitterness of the veggies when making fresh juices or smoothies. This frees your drink from added preservatives, sugars, and fillers. Bonus: use your leftover pulp for delicious muffins and homemade bars!

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