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America’s Bleeding Metabolism: What’s Happening To ‘The Biggest Loser’ Contestants?

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Contestants on The Biggest Loser are suffering the same fate as all crash dieters — just proportionate to length and intensity of the crashing. Now they’re rebounding and don’t know why. In fact, no one seems to have an explanation worth the ink that’s being spilled. They... Read More


Fixing Your Metabolism: 4 Steps to Permanent Weight Loss

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Challenge what you know about your metabolism. The truth is, your metabolism works quite differently than you realize. I’ve dieted celebrities, bikini models, and pro athletes. I’m not talking about Jimmy-local either. I mean the guys and girls you can buy posters of at W... Read More


Everything You Know About Weight Loss Is Wrong

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Crack open your average diet book and what do you see? Eat this, not that (actually, the current raft of diet books often advocate something like, “Eat Monday, not Thursday”) but it’s the same, oversimplified idea. Then they spill a lot of ink telling you why their system... Read More


The Dirty Truth About The Weight Loss Industry

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For the last decade, I’ve traveled giving seminars at hospitals, colleges, and health clubs. The most requested seminar I do is titled Does This Diet Make Me Look Fat? It’s a complete behind-the-scenes exposé on the weight loss and diet industry and its effects on women’s... Read More


The Metabolic Mystery: Long-Term, Effective Weight Loss Explained (at Last)

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Angelo Poli, MetPro Founder and Transformation Specialist, explains how to achieve long-term, effective weight loss. Read More


Understand How Your Metabolism Really Works

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The key to weight-loss success is understanding how your metabolism really works. Read More


Paleo, Weight Watchers, Atkins: What diet is right for your body type?

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The key lies in evaluating what your body’s needs are based on your body type and previous nutritional history. Keep a food log, it will be enlightening. Research more about your body type and carefully consider your goal. Make sure the diet you’re considering is compatib... Read More


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